ACTIVE:  YES Height: 5’6 Weight: 190lbs Wrestling skills: prostyle, semi-competitive, fem fem, semi erotic, topless Favorite moves: grapevine/breastsmother  

CPL-TS-685 Tilly’s Smother Tease

CPL-TS-685 Tilly’s Smother Tease Sam was all geared up and ready to take on Tilly. As they begin Tilly struggles to take Sam down, and when they both go crashing down, Tilly lands on top of Sam. Tilly sits up and grabs Sam’s tits, and […]

Sam vs Paige Outdoor Piledriver – Gallery

Sam vs Paige Outdoor Piledriver  Sam and Paige are both tough girls, now they take it to the next level by doing a semi pro style match outdoors. This match is complete with piledrivers, bear hugs, headscissors, facesitting and more. Sam is a strong lifter, […]

Sam vs Shanya Photoshoot – Gallery

Sam vs Shanya Photoshoot- This photoset features Shanya and Sam posing in various holds used in wrestling here. They are dressed in different outfits, from gold spandex pants to funky 80’s style workout wear. From schoolgirl pins, to scissors, there are alot of great pics […]

CPL-FF-5532 Field fight clip

Well the beautiful and slightly evil Hailey challenged BBW sensation Sam to a private field match. Sam agreed to it, and they both met in a farmers field, literally in the middle of nowhere. Hailey sporting her extremely tight jeans, put them to good use […]

CPL-WM-35 Rosalei’s BBW Rampage

Sam has watched Rosalei pretty much defeat almost every one of her opponents. She also wondered how such a tiny girl, could do so much damage, and leave a path of beaten people on the mats. It was Sam’s time to step onto the mats […]

SJM-022 Topless BBW Pin Challenge

Pam and Sam both BBW’s square off on the mats in this pin challenge match. Both girls are topless and dressed in little bootie shorts. They make this clip competitive yet you can tell that both are enjoying it. As they pin one another down […]