KOA-095 Ashley’s Anaconda K.O

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Ashley Wildcat is back on the prowl seeking out her next victim to squeeze and destroy. Chadam was now her new found prey, and she decided to toy with him every which way until he was out. Ashley literally came out of no where and pounced on chadam, sending him crashing to the mats. She wastes no time squeezing him with her long dangerous legs. You can actually hear him make some of the weirdest noises ever as his face cringes in pain. Ashley then goes for her signature Anaconda move, chadam almost instantly goes 0ut in that, as he tries to hold on for dear life.

Seeing more than just stars now, Ashley slams her crotch down onto his face, shutting him up, as she keeps taunting him and belittling him, emasculating whats left of his poor manhood. With scissor after scissor, smother after smother, chadam is wore down to the brink, and Ashley clamps on one last hardcore Anaconda squeeze that proved to be too much for chadam to take, as he lays there motionless. Ashley just quickly stood up saying, I’m done playing, stands over him, posing in amazing victory.

cplpicsets KOA-095 Ashley's Anaconda K.O

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