CPL-ASV-09 The Wildcat Smother

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Sam steps to the plate to take on 5’9′ 130lb ASHLEY WILDCAT. Sam was very nervous as she had heard that Ashley was one tough girl, and has her signature holds. As they begin, Sam was instantly thrown to the mats caught completely off guard just from Ashley’s sheer strength alone. Ashley was dressed in her sheek geek schoolgirl outfit complete with tiny little skirt, sexy knee high socks, and bright red sports bra. Ashley is no stranger to making girls submit and conform to her rules, and Sam had to follow suit.

With loads of face sitting, Ashley taunted her bigger rival, belittling her, and trash talking her in such a condescending way, that alone was breaking Sam down to pieces. As she facesat, Ashley would even lift her skirt up just to play peek a boo with Sam, and to stare down into the eyes of her opponent, watching her helplessly squirm beneath her. Ashley used her “weapons” and locked her vice like legs around Sam’s head, which had her wincing in pain, then pinned and facesat Sam in reverse. Sam only to have her muffled cries go unheard under Ashley’s shapely bottom.

With Sam laying under Ashley, her neck was sore, her arms, burning from the pins, and her ego now all washed up, she was literally lifeless. Ashley knew it was time to finish her off, and asked Sam to give up, but she refused, then Ashley kept ramming her ass down into Sam’s face, making her pant and gasp for air, almost panicking until she said I give, but not until Ashley felt she had to say it louder and gave her a few more doses of butt in the face humiliating smothers, Sam now working up the breath and energy to finally say I quit. Ashley stands over Sam posing and giggling, then leans down and kisses Sam on the forehead, as if nothing had ever happened, leaving a tainted memory for Sam as to the punishment she just endured


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