CPL-RKT-7 Ravens Helpless Victim

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CPL-RKT-7 Ravens Helpless Victim  Seems like Bella is deep trouble in this clip, as Raven previously put her out, and when Bella came to, she was tied up, feet and hands. Now Raven has free reign to do what ever she pleases with Bella. Raven walks into the room shoves Bella around with her feet and Bella asks “did you tie me up?” Raven responds by saying yes as she jumps on top telling Bella that she has been bad and she is a bitch. Then Raven slides up and facesits Bella, verbally bashing her while smothering her. Raven is a dominatrix that exudes sheer power and dominance over her smaller foe. With Bella’s hands and feet bound, there is nothing she can do. Raven continually lifts up and down barely giving a breath to Bella. The camera looks over Raven’s shoulders as Raven commands Bella to open her eyes and look at her while she is sitting on her face. Raven gets absolute pleasure from dominating Bella and uses hand over mouth, and reverse facesits. Raven keeps telling Bella stop being a pussy and just take it, as Bella was desperately running out of air. Bella even says to Raven that she can escape, and that just angered Raven. As Bella tries to turn her head to the side, Raven grabs a fist full of Bella’s hair and pulls her face deep into her crotch as Bella lets of loud, yet muffled moans of pain. Bella moans and yelps in pain, trying to catch her vreath, as Raven stands up, slaps her in the face walking away saying “your worthless to me Bella”. Raven walks out of the room leaving Bella in a heaping mess.


2 thoughts on “CPL-RKT-7 Ravens Helpless Victim”

  1. Ravens continued domination of Bella is a wonderful sight to behold. I’ve said before that Raven deserves her own site, but Bella also deserves credit as she’s always an amazing sub to Raven

  2. Eu penso que Raven Wild merece ter um site somente pra ela, ela é sem dúvida a melhor de todas disparadamente, por isso toda vez que ela aparecer( ela deveria aparecer a cada 15 dias) eu vou comprar os videos dela imediatamente, e será um prazer fazer isso.

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