CPL-SKO-09 Little Brat Beating

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Sunshine is set to go head to head with Bella again, she destroyed Bella in their competitive pin count, and now she wants to step it up on Bella even more now. Sunshine, like most of the other girls here, have a real distaste for Bella, and her cocky arrogant attitude. Sunshine was about to adjust that for her. As they begin, Bella slams Sunshine down and she could feel her hostility as she pins her down. Bella begins to take control of Sunshine, dishing out some intense facesits. Sunshine struggles to get out from under Bella, as this was not her plan. Sunshine’s arms are pinned high above her head, and whenever she tapped Bella just barely lifts up, making Sunshine breathe just out her nose to catch her breath. As Sunshine tries to maintain her composure, Bella still drives her crotch down repeatedly into Sunshine’s face smothering her. For what seemed like an eternity, Sunshine begins to rock her hips and shoulders back and fourth, eventually giving one last hard shove causing Bella to topple onto the mats. Now Sunshine has her escape, and secures Bella in a single leg cradle pulling up on Bella’s leg with a lot of power making Bella wince in pain. Bella finds herself bent like a pretzel as Sunshine maintains a firm grip on Bella immobilizing her completely. After making Bella tap numerous time, she switches to a full body press grapevine and spreads Bella legs far apart causing her even more pain now. Bella, being stubborn as usual, tries to fight through the pain, but just can’t and taps. Sunshine climbs on top of Bella, and you could see the utter disappointment on Bella’s face as Sunshine secures a tight schoolgirl pin, and is once again in control. Sunshine then lifts up a slams her pussy down onto Bella’s face smothering her. Now Sunshine dominates Bella with near non stop facesits, making Bella heave and gasp for breath. In a bold and swift move, Sunshine jumps off, turns Bella onto her stomach, and within mere seconds has a rear naked choke locked on. Bella’s face grew redder and redder as Sunshine squeezes. With a few good taps, Bella was clearly weakening, Sunshine then wraps her legs around Bella stomach. As she tightens the grip, it was causing Bella immense discomfort as the wind was being squeezed from her. Sunshine lays back, and snaps her legs watching Bella’s face wince in pain, seemingly enjoying it as she was hurting her. Bella tries to use her arms to push and break apart Sunshine’s legs, but couldn’t. Sunshine then grabs her arms and traps them, keeping Bella from being able to use them to break free. Sunshine releases the hold, and with Bella in pain now, could hardly move, as Sunshine gets straight into a reverse facesit. Bella now finds her nose buried deep in Sunshine’s asshole, unable to breathe. Bella manages to push Sunshine forward a bit once to get air, but Sunshine went right back to smothering her. Sunshine filled Bella’s face full of her ass before switching into the most amazing straight leg scissor ever. Sunshine begins to squeeze, and it pulls Bella’s face literally into her ass as you hear her moan in pain. Sunshine keeps the headscissor locked on tight, and manages to get quite a few taps from Bella before letting go. Bella was stunned and seeing stars at this point, as Sunshine plants her sexy ass right back onto Bella’s face. After that last scissor and trapped in a reverse facesit, Bella was drained now. Sunshine re positions herself now into a cross body pin, holding both of Bella’s arms now, one trapped between her legs, the other with her arm. Sunshine then slowly starts punching Bella’s stomach. The first few were not hard, then she really drilled her with a few much harder hits. Sunshine then laced into Bella punching her hard multiple times, turning her stomach beat red, each hit Bella let’s out a grunt. Sunshine then moves into a grapevine pin, and shoves her tits into Bella’s face shaking them, then smothering her. Sunshine sits up then moves up into another facesit, shoving her pussy once again into Bella’s face making sure her nose was buried deep in her pussy. There was nothing Bella could do but endure her long pussy smothering punishment, Sunshine was so happy to deliver. Since Bella was drained of energy and had no fight left in her, Sunshine asked for some rope to now make Bella’s life a living hell. Sunshine was given some rope, and she turned Bella onto her stomach, first tying her arms together, then her feet. Bella was clearly upset as she tells Sunshine to fuck off. Sunshine finishes it off with a hog tie and keeps Bella on her stomach. This is where Sunshine uses a very creative KO smother technique. She climbs in front of Bella laying down on her stomach, spreading her legs apart and slides backwards towards Bella’s face. Sunshine reaches back and grabs Bella by the hair lifting her head and shoves it into her ass. Now that Bella is hog tied, she can’t move, tap nor escape. Sunshine holds Bella’s face deep in her ass while Bella was fighting for air, but unfortunately for her, she could only hold her breath for so long before going out. Even after she went out, Sunshine grabbed her again, shoving her face back into her ass smothering her even more, bringing her smothering game to a whole new level. You can tell that Sunshine really wanted to just finish Bella off once and for all being very sadistic to her. Once Sunshine released Bella’s head, her face still semi buried in her butt cheeks, but she was definitely out for the count. Chalk up a come back superb victory for Sunshine, annihilating Bella to the extreme. 


3 thoughts on “CPL-SKO-09 Little Brat Beating”

  1. I absolutely love the way sunshine embarasses Bella by staying ontop of her & pinning her arms to the mat & grapevining her legs & breastsmothering that pretty face of hers!

  2. Sunshine Tampa has such an amazing body & she looks absolutely beautiful in those Sexy Black Bra & Panties & I absolutely loved the way Sunshine Tampa lifts up & slams her pussy down on Bella’s Face!

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