KOA-0146 Amber’s Ass Kicking K.O.

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Amber decides to try her luck once again against Bella. Of course Bella agrees since she has defeated Amber in the past and knows most certainly she could do it again. It was an easy take down for Bella as she uses Amber’s weight against her, throwing her to the mats. Bella gets on top and works her way into a facesit. Once its secured, Amber struggles beneath Bella, and seemingly can hold her breath for quite some time before tapping, but that works to her disadvantage soon enough. Bella continually facesits Amber, burying her face into her pussy smothering her, winding the bigger girl. Before she knew it, Amber was being rolled into a headscissor, Bella clamping her thighs around her neck. Amber wiggles and writhes to get away, but Bella has her arms, removing all leverage. Amber is now trapped and suffering between this smaller girls thighs, and taps multiple times just to have her release the pressure. Bella was still not quite finished toying with Amber and locks on a figure four now, making the hold that much tighter. She reverts back to straight legged scissors again, before rolling amber onto her back. Now Bella uses a seated scissor, knowing that her bigger opponent is easily becoming weakened from them. Bella them combines that with facesitting, listening to Amber gasp for air with each tap. Amber is repeatedly punished with full weight facesits, normal facesitting, reverse facesits and more. Bella clamps on her reverse headscissors that really had Amber wincing in pain. Bella also pins Amber in a grapevine, and with what tits she has, she uses them as a smothering tool ramming them into her face, smothering her. Amber is clearly exhausted by now, as Bella was warming up to inflict even more pain and humiliation, getting behind Amber now and using a rear naked ch0ke/ body scissor combo. Amber’s face was turning red as she had no choice bu to tap or Bella would have just put her out. Amber barely had any energy left after that, Bella releases the hold and tosses her onto her stomach. With little resistance, Bella sits on her back, pulls Amber’s arms back and and catches her in what looks to be a very painful camel clutch. Pulling up hard on Amber’s head, hands under her chin, Amber is at the mercy of Bella. Bella probably got at least 5 or 6 taps from the camel clutch alone. Bella drops Amber’s face to the mats, then rolls her onto her back again. Mounting her bbw foe, Bella pins Amber tightly to the mats, making sure she can go no where, and punishes her again with facesitting. Amber’s struggles were futile, until she needed air and Bella refused to give it to her, and kept smothering her. Amber’s arms then flailed frantically but it was not long before she ran out of time, and she went completely limp. Bella moves back a bit, slaps her face a few times, then picks her arm up and releases it as it falls to the mats. Amber is wiped out, done and now asleep. Bella says “well that’s what you get”, and flexes her muscles. 

cplpicsets KOA-0146 Amber's Ass Kicking K.O.


6 thoughts on “KOA-0146 Amber’s Ass Kicking K.O.”

  1. Bella has such an amazing body & she looks absolutely beautiful in those sexy Blue Bra & Panties & i absolutely love her Front & Reverse Facesit,RearnakedChoke Bodyscissor Combo & her Leg Grapevine Pin Combined with a Breastsmother on Amber!

  2. I applaud Bella for dominating Amber by Sitting on her face & burying her face in her pussy & giving her a perfect nose in the ass Reverse Facesit & Grapevining her legs & Ramming her tits in her face & smothering her

  3. Great Video & Amber looks so sexy getting those legs of hers Grapevined & getting Bella’s Tits Rammed into that pretty face of hers & smothering her & sitting on that pretty face of hers!

  4. Bella, since Amber doesn’t talk & she doesn’t fight way to stay Ontop of her & way to stay in control of her & way to Facesit her by burying your pussy in her face & way to grapevine her legs & ram your tits in her face & smother her!

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