CPL-SPC-55 Sarah vs Paige Competitive Match

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CPL-SPC-55 Sara vs Paige Competitive Match  Paige faces off against the notorious Sarah Brooke. We all know that Sarah certainly knows her way around the mats, as Paige does too. This is a full blown competitive match where each girl is to score submissions any way they can. Sarah is a technical wrestler, and has Paige on edge most of the time, with Paige using mostly offence moves to keep Sarah from making her tap. Paige dives at Sarah and plows her down to the mats as they both hit pretty hard on the fall. Sarah and Paige now fight for control, Paige working from the top, Sarah working from the bottom. Just when it looks like Paige was going to get the first tap, Sarah breaks Paige’s hold and gets  on top. Dropping down into a grapevine, Sarah wraps her arms around Paige’s neck, and gets her to tap with a breastsmother. Sarah is quick to bring Paige back down and positions herself into a schoolgirl pin turned facesit. Paige fights hard not to get smothered nor tap out, making Sarah really work. Sarah switches to a full body press headlock, keeping Paige’s shoulders pinned to the mats, and actually tries to count her out instead. Unable to do so, Paige rolls out, only to find herself trapped now in Sarah’s rear naked choke, scoring another point. The intensity really picks up, as Paige seems to be losing a bit of steam against her smaller more valiant opponent. Sarah was adamant on using that rear naked choke to score a few more points during the match. No matter how hard Paige worked to find a way to score a point against Sarah, it just was not happening. Even as Sarah fought hard to not tap in Paige’s bodyscissor, Sarah found a way out and reversed the match on Paige. There was a lot of ground control on Sarah part as she had to fight hard to keep Paige trapped. Even coming close to the end of the match, Sarah tries another long drawn out facesit to make Paige submit but she just couldn’t get it. Paige made the fatal mistake of rolling to her side as she escaped the facesit pin, both contenders scramble for position. Sarah quickly gets behind Paige and they crash extremely hard backwards onto the mats as Sarah rolls Paige up into another rear naked choke bodyscissor, which completely finishes her off. both girls, exhausted shake hands after the match, and say good match to one another, great sportsmanship, and even better match!!



cplpicsets CPL-SPC-55 Sarah vs Paige Competitive Match

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