SAV-065 -Bella The Brute Catfight

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This clip was filmed when Paige was still around. Bella and Paige have had their differences on the mats, but in this match, it all spills over into animosity and straight up brutality. Bella seemingly was having a bad day, having to come wrestle was her outlet for venting her frustrations, taking it all out on Paige. The match starts out with them standing and as they lock up for position both girls go crashing hard to the mats. The intensity just grows from here on out. Paige tries to secure her spot on top, but could not hold it, and locks on a bodyscissor instead. As Paige squeezes as hard as she could, Bella would not tap out at all, being stubborn and fighting through the pain. Bella quickly reverse the role, gets behind Paige climbs on her shoulders and pulls her hair viciously. Falling back Bella locks on her own body scissors, that has Paige yelping in pain, tapping. then the slaps and wedgies come out, Bella reaching down yanking up on Paige’s shorts. Paige does the same thing saying “two can play at that game” and as she yanks on Bella’s shorts, Bella tries to rip Paige’s top off. With the action clearly heating up, Bella steps it up a few notches on Paige and begins to dominate her. With facesits, slapping, hair pulling and more, visible signs of fatigue are starting to show on Paige. We have never seen Bella this aggressive especially in fem fem matches. Bella practically violates Paige grabbing her crotch, and squeezing her tits making Paige even more upset and feisty. Even with Paige trying to step it up, Bella continues to control Paige, and even if Paige gets on top, her moment was very short lived. Paige even became too cocky as she gets Bella in a rear naked choke, thinking she had Bella right where she wanted her. The verbal bashing and taunting also came into play. The slapping becomes more intense, their bodies starting to get beat red from the hits. With every wedgie, facesit, or slap Paige just becomes more and more enraged doing what she could to defend herself from Bella. With slaps echoing through the room, hair being aggressively pulled, and Paige becoming Bella’s little rag doll, she had no steam left in her to fight. both girls are drenched with sweat, and Bella locks Paige into a brutal headscissor and won’t let go. Paige went into panic mode, drooled, and even went out for a few seconds from the pressure alone. Paige summons all of her last found energy in her body to escape, and only manages to flip over, Bella’s legs still wrapped around her head. Paige yet again on the verge of going out, is barely able to verbally submit that she quits, wondering what the hell just happened to her. Bella was one mean lean ass kicking machine here. This match has near non stop action from start to finish, with lots of humiliating elements that will sure leave you wanting to see more.


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  1. Bella is a very tough opponent!! Paige thought slapping her repeatedly she would get on top. Wrong that just made Bella squeeze harder and slap harder. I love how Bella said slap it slap it as she squeezed Paige harder.

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