CMX-CP-01 – Paige vs Chris Pin Submission Match

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CMX-CP-01 – Paige vs Chris Pin Submission Match   Paige faces off against tall, lanky Chris in this all out 3 tap challenge submission match. Paige’s mat skills were put to the test in this clip as she has a hard time working Chris over. She was certainly not expecting this sort of fight from him, and has to work extra hard now just to free herself from some of his holds. Although this match was fast paced, Chris holds his own with body scissor choke combo’s tight headlocks, that kept Paige at bay. Paige amps up her strength and power, controlling Chris until he tapped out. Paige became more mean and aggressive as the match progressed. Chris winds up on the losing end as he is forced into submission over and over with loads of rear naked chokes. Paige also gets him into numerous super high and tight schoolgirl pins, counting Chris out to 5 each time. No matter how hard Chris tried, he just could not seem to make Paige tap out. She even mocks Chris, asking if he is even going to fight. As the goes on, Chris is clearly winded, and somewhat even upset at the fact he can’t pin nor make Paige submit. This is a great mixed pin submission match that has one clear victor, and one very exhausted and sore loser.

cplpicsets CMX-CP-01 - Paige vs Chris Pin Submission Match


One thought on “CMX-CP-01 – Paige vs Chris Pin Submission Match”

  1. Chris did a good job here keeping paige busy trying to make him submit. paige is buff but she still had a difficult time handling chris, since he was able to get the upper hand more than once. Wish he would have defeated her. I want to see Chris win a complete victory over one of the CPL girls. Hopefully sometime one of the releases will feature that.

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