CPL-TT-85 The Upset Victory  This match pits the fierce blonde Rosalei against the equally strong Arianne. This was a most submissions battle with any holds being allowed. Rosalei brought out her most powerful asset, her legs. Her headscissors are dangerously strong, and have tapped out numerous opponents. Arianne gets a real dose of these scissors throughout this clip, constantly being trapped between Rosalei’s thighs. Rosalei also used rear naked chokes, breast smothers, and facesits of her own. Arianne was not going down without a fight and got in a few good taps herself with scissors and facesits of her own. She even drags Rosalei to her feet and gets on a rear naked choke getting three taps in a row. But little to Arianne’s knowledge by the end of the video, she strikes a victory pose, all to find out off camera that she had actually lost in points. She was now looking for revenge on Rosalei.



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