CPL-STF-37 Schoolgirl Gets Destroyed

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Bella was dressed in her private schoolgirl uniform, and gets confronted from public school girl Arianne. Both meet face to face on the mats ready to go, and total arrogance fills the room as both stare each other down with confidence. Neither girls like one another, and the trash talking isn’t too far behind as Arianne gets the upper hand on Bella pulling her down, scissoring her. Arianne flips Bella onto her back and pins her. After a few really good facesits, they start hurling insults back and fourth, as Arianne sits dominantly on top of Bella. Bella now has to endure loads of non stop facesitting with her face rammed into Arianne’s jean covered crotch, and is put into an array of headscissors, certainly taking it’s toll on Bella now. Arianne certainly had alot more in store for little miss private school girl. and rips off Bella’s tie. She then pins Bella’s arms down and wraps the tie around Bella’s throat now choking her with it. You can see Bella’s face go beat red from lack of air, and after being choked so much, Arianne then ties Bella’s hands up with her own tie. Bella gets a face full of crotch again, as she lays winded, then Arianne uses an amazing full weight facesit, pounding Bella’s nose deep into her ass now. Bella was on the brink of going out, and Arianne asked Bella if she was finished, giving Bella a few more doses of facesits, before Bella finally gives up. Arianne flips her off saying fuck you bitch, and sits staring down at her hapless opponent. Bella will seek revenge we are sure of this. Having been humiliated, Bella will retaliate.

cplpicsets CPL-STF-37 Schoolgirl Gets Destroyed

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