CPL-FB-33 Finger Gagged and Smothered

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Bella and Mia are set to go head to head in this clip. Bella was dressed in her sexy one piece unitard, and had plans on humiliating Mia. Right from the start Bella charges at Mia and takes her to the mats. Mia was overpowered by her younger and stronger rival as she struggles beneath her. Bella was not letting Mia escape and facesits her throughout the clip, depriving Mia of her oxygen. Slowly weakening, Mia was caught off guard as Bella rams her fingers down Mia’s throat, gagging her. As Mia coughs and chokes, there was nothing she could do. Testing Mia’s gag reflex, Bella does this a few more times, and actually makes Mia submit to it. what a humiliating way to lose a match.


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  1. I’m also having problems with the audio on the Members version of this clip. I just get a lot of static.

  2. Hi dear members, we fixed the audio issue, thanks for report it.

    Best regards
    Cpl Wrestling

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