BWW-023 Sunshine’s Intense Facesit Challenge

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Sunshine and Bella are competing in an all out most taps facesit match. Bella has come to realize that Sunshine is much more powerful and strong than she looks. Bella needs to be on her game, and Sunshine has to amp up the intensity if she is going to have a chance against Bella. Well as they start, Bella gets the upper hand and takes Sunshine to the mats. Without any hesitation she secures her arms under shins and immediately slides up to facesit Sunshine. Bella smothers Sunshine and gets her necessary taps, leaving Sunshine already gasping for air. Sunshine sits back up feeling a bit dazed from the air deprivation as they line up to go again. Bella tries for a headlock take down, only to have Sunshine over power her as they both go down. Sunshine works hard on keeping Bella pinned to the mats finally getting a pin on her. Moving into the facesit now Sunshine has Bella fighting for air. They are supposed to release each other after 5 taps to give one another an opportunity to see who can score the most points. Sunshine figures the only way to beat Bella was to slightly cheat, so she lost track of counts, miscounted, etc all in hopes of breaking Bella down enough where she smothers the fight out of her. Although that was a major challenge for Sunshine she ultimately she does not do real facesitting videos all the time, this became rather intense for her. Bella on the other hand, is very used to destroying opponents with facesit smothers. Bella manages to get the upper hand a few times, punishing Sunshine with straight nose in the ass facesits, and more forward facesits as well. But, Sunshine was certainly not going out without a fight, and comes back strong against Bella. With each facesit Bella delivered you could hear Sunshine fighting and gasping for air, almost a slight panic in her voice. when they squared off again, Sunshine made sure to get the jump on Bella and send her straight onto her back. As Sunshine gets in some amazing forward and reverse facesits, Bella was now fighting for her breath and air. Sunshine also barely gave Bella an opportunity to get up sometimes, leaving her at an advantage over Bella. As it was coming down to the last few minutes, Sunshine was on top,  keeping her balance riding Bella’s face into mere submissions. With the last fall, Sunshine locks on an inescapable nose crushing forward facesit. Bella fights to not have to tap, and even pulls her head out from under Sunshine only to find herself going right back into Sunshine’s pussy. Bella knew she lost this match as her last tap came, Sunshine lifts off, turns in reverse and slams her ass down into Bella’s face one last humiliating time and flexes. Bella was so out of breath she even tapped again needing to regain her composure, obviously upset at her loss. For fans of true facesitting, smothering and sexy girls, this clip is a sure fire keeper.

cplpicsets BWW-023 Sunshine's Intense Facesit Challenge


3 thoughts on “BWW-023 Sunshine’s Intense Facesit Challenge”

  1. Gute Facesits. Beide haben einen nicen Booty. Bei der Schwarzhaarigen gefallen mir ihre dickeren Pobacken. Die Brünette hat zwar einen kleineren Hintern, jedoch finde ich bei ihrem Gesäss den klaren Übergang von gebräunter zu blasser Haut geil.

  2. sunshine is sexy, i would not mind loosing to her, but i doubt very seriously i would tap out, i would be in heaven, so do the men get paid well to take this kind of humility, if so i am looking to pick up some extra cash, and would put on a show with a little help or training

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