CMX-XMAS-002 Christmas Cocktease

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Category: Mixed Wrestling, New
Full Video: 12 Minutes
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Raven Wild decided to give chadam a nice surprise christmas gift. She calls him downstairs and then proceeds to tell him to lay down and close his eyes. Puzzled as she is wearing a long winter coat, he simply gets on the floor and closes his eyes.  Chadam lays down, eyes closed while Raven puts a foot on his chest then slowly removes her jacket to reveal some sexy and naughty lingerie she bought just for him. Raven tells him to open his eyes and as he does she pounces on his chest then slides up onto his face smothering him saying “merry christmas”. She asks him if he likes his present so far and makes him scream into her pussy. Raven starts to get the jitters and begins to use his face for her own sexual pleasures. Raven begins to get off on his face, grinding her pussy down harder forgetting he is down there. Then Raven blurts out ” I forgot who this present is for, you or me” as she was getting very horny now. She turns in reverse and rams his face in her muscular shapely ass and works herself around on his face again. Raven goes back into forward again and asks “how are you liking your present so far?” Then she says “i know I am enjoying it”. Chadam is turning her on to the point where she grabs at her pussy to see if she burst. Raven can’t keep her emotions in check as the video progresses further in, the more worked up and horny she is getting. Raven is using his face as her own personal vibrator and pussy massager. Raven tosses in a few head scissors, just to give herself a chance to cool down, but that did not last long. Continuing to sit on his face in forward and reverse Raven can not contain herself and nearly orgasms multiple times. Close to the end she pushes her pussy lips down into his face and holds them there as chadam can’t breathe and unfortunately for him, Raven did not lift off this time. Chadam ran out of air and he ended up taking a nap instead of finishing her off. Raven then sits on his chest kisses her hand and puts it on his forehead, then slowly walks away leaving him there, out. This is one seductive video, WHAT A PRESENT for both of them!!!!


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