PREVIEW CPL-OGM-11 The Olympic Showdown  Introducing A-Low who is the gymnast trying for her spot on the olympic team. Then there is Arianne, who is also trying for her spot on the olympic team as a long distance runner. Only one girl can make it, […]

CPL-OGM-11 The Olympic Showdown

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DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO A-Low Cat is known for her grappling and skills on the mats. Little did chadam know in this clip, she was prepared to dish out the facesitting of a lifetime on him. She is not known for facesitting, and you get to […]

SAV-035 Brutal Black Facesitter

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ACTIVE:  YES Height: 5’3 Weight: 115lbs Wrestling skills: fem fem, mixed, semi competitive, pro style, domination, grappling, pin count, pin submission Favorite moves: head scissors, body scissors  


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A-Low and Arianne prepare themselves for another confrontation this time Arianne has revenge on her mind. As Arianne was waiting patiently on the mats for A-Low to arrive. A-Low struts through the doors, and Arianne approaches her wanting to high five her, A-Low looking rather […]

SAV-040 Arianne’s Racial Revenge

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