CPL-CLS-098 Spandex Jiu Jitsu

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CPL-CLS-098 Spandex Jiu Jitsu

Madison our sexy blonde bratty girl is going to prove to chadam that she can easily defeat, humiliate and also K.O. him using her grappling skills. Madison was dressed in super skin tight spandex and was ready to do this. he had no idea just how powerful Madison’s legs truly were. When Madison trapped him in her headscissors, she poured on the pressure and pain, until his face went red and even shades of purple. Just from the squeezing alone, chadam went out a few times in this match. Madison loved every minute of dominating chadam, belittling him, even making fun of him. She turned chadam into her little bitch, controlling him, and placing some extreme holds on him as well. Chadam was getting way more than he bargained for, and there was nothing he could do. This amazingly sexy girl wanted to make chadam suffer ALOT, Watch his face as she squeezes his head, his pain filled reactions were priceless. This is one tough chick proving herself once again, wiping the mats with chadam, making it look all too easy, leaving him out one last time on the mats, chadam drifting off to dreamland.

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