CMX-TRP-001 Feebee’s POV Trample

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CMX-TRP-001 Feebee’s POV Trample  Feebee the amazingly cute and sexy blonde is dressed in her gold leather pants, tall black boots and looks stunning. She is preparing to use those boots to walk all over and humiliate chadam, all the while filming it from her perspective. This way you get a first hand look at the pain she is about to deliver. Feebee enjoyed trampling him, making him suffer beneath the soles of her boots, taunting and teasing and verbally bashing him. She even steps on the side of his face, and drives her boots down deep into his throat, choking the heck out of him. This clip is not long, but chadam probably felt like it was an eternity, as the boot choking took a toll on him and he ended up going out from it. Feebee turns the camera to herself and said “oh oh, I think he went out,, then said that’s what you call a KO with sexy boots”. Then Feebee pans back down to chadam as he lay there practically snoring.


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