Raven Wild

Active: NO
Height: 5'8
Weight: 140
Wrestling Skills: fem fem, mixed, semi competitive, grappling, fantasy, pin count, pin/submission, submission, semi erotic
Favorite Moves: face sitting, head scissors, hand over mouth
Toughest Opponent: 
Easiest Win: 
Opponents she wanted to face: 

1x1-pixel Raven Wild

1x1-pixel Raven Wild


1x1-pixel Raven Wild


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7 thoughts on “Raven Wild”

  1. O SSG-VC-XMAS – 12 Squeezes Of Christmas **SALE VIDEO XMAS SPECIAL!!!*** esse foi o melhor video que eu vi até hoje, o scissorhold e o rear naked choke dela são sem dúvidas perfeitos.

  2. I love Raven’s all business no mercy attitude toward the hapless Bella. Her use of facesitting, prolonged smothering & variety of headscissors are literally & figuratively breath taking. I hope more videos are done with them.

  3. I thought it was funny how in “Raven’s Raging KO”, she actually farted on Bella’s face and then tried to cover it up with an “Ahhhh!!!” LOL I don’t think that was the right choice of words to hide the fact she ripped one by accident. a few indicators it wasn’t planned were the positioning of raven on Bella, her cheeks were spread and toes were off the ground. easy planting for a ripper. then I noticed it wasn’t mentioned in the video description, which means it wasn’t scripted to happen. it was totally audible and hilarious! I love it when it happens by accident. I can’t believe Bella allowed Raven to place her butt anywhere near her face again after that one. she was obviously embarrassed and tried to hide it but it was very clear to anyone paying attention.. you got a little something extra, an amusing surprise when watching or purchasing that particular video. kudos to Raven Wild for letting loose like that, even if she didn’t mean to. just own it next time, Girl!

    1. After actually filming this, I never heard anything, you have a keen eye (well ear) lol, I will have to go rewatch this and see for myself now lol.

      1. it was in the preview for that video. it occurred just as Raven was saying: “I love it when you talk into my ass like that” and Bella flips her off, that’s when it happened. I guess her ass talked back! LOL

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