A-Low Cat is known for her grappling and skills on the mats. Little did chadam know in this clip, she was prepared to dish out the facesitting of a lifetime on him. She is not known for facesitting, and you get to see it here first. she came out dressed in shiny sexy dance shorts, and sports bra. Chadam was expecting it to be a normal wrestling match. Well as they began, once the countdown hit 3, A-Low attacks him. They fight for control, and A-Low brings chadam down. Now she takes over and out muscles him, pinning chadam to the mats. Grabbing his arms she jumps up on his neck them goes for the facesit. Chadam is shocked, and not to mention rather stuck beneath this black goddess now. He taps out for air, but A-Low has other plans, as she stays seated on his face making him really struggle for air. As the match progresses, her facesitting becomes more and more ruthless, not allowing him to breathe at all, winding him and making his fight more intense to escape. You can hear it in his voice as he gasps for air each time he barely manages to get any. A-Low sits perched on his face, with his nose buried deep in her crotch, smiling and enjoying every second. the more he struggles, the more she gains sadistic pleasure from it. Chadam almost goes out a few times as he barely manages to get a breath in. A-Low also spins into reverse, slamming her sweet black ass down onto his face. Chadam’s nose is buried deep now, his struggling becoming weaker and weaker. A-Low was not going to allow him to submit and give up the match until he says that he submits to his black goddess. A-low makes him trash himself, and he begs over and over for release. A-low is a truly sadistic facesitter, totally dominating and humiliating chadam every minute of this video. If you are a true fan of watching a sensual black goddess dominate a white guy with action packed, almost non stop facesitting, this clip is a keeper.




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