KOA-097 Madisons Face Riding KO

DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO Madison the sexy blonde is back taking on Mariella again in this clip. Mariella has been upset that she can’t beat nor even outwit the beautiful Madison. Even right from the start, Madison fires Mariella down to the mats pouncing her tight […]

KOA-055 Mariella Gets Mauled and K.O.’d

DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO Feebee and Mariella have a bit of a competitive rivalry going. Feebee was determined to flat out beat, destroy and put Mariella out. As they begin, Feebee pins Mariella down. From there within the first few minutes, Feebee trapped Mariella in an […]


ACTIVE: NO Height: 5’9 Weight: 130lbs Wrestling skills: fem fem, mixed, competitive, prostyle, semi competitive, pin submission, pin count, semi erotic Favorite moves: headscissors, facesit  

CPL-DJ-72 Facesitting Piledriver Contest

Mariella is facing off against Jessie in this clip. This is Jessie’s first ever attempt at piledrivers and is very eager to win against the more experienced Mariella. Jessie wants to show that she can compete with the best of them, and is ready to […]

SAV-039 Pleasureful K.O.

Sara and Mariella are introduced into this clip today both dressed in bitty bikini bottoms and bootie shorts. Sara has a hidden fetish for dominating Mariella and she hopes to be in control this match. They size one another up before they begin and they […]

MMV-007 Spandex Smother

MMV-007 Spandex Smother  Mariella is one girl not to mess with and Mia is about to take that challenge. Mariella is dressed in skin tight white spandex pants, and Mia is in her little bootie shorts and bra. Mia had no idea just how powerful […]

Kendall vs Mariella Jeans Match – Gallery

Kendall vs Mariella Jeans Match This photoset in from an unreleased match. Kendall stands 5’10 and weighs close to 140 lbs, Mariella is not far behind her and stands 5’9. This match was clearly a one sided domination match, Mariella finding herself trapped constantly beneath […]

Melody vs Mariella Fishnets – Gallery

Melody vs Mariella Fishnets – This set contains the sultry and sexy Melody taking on Mariella, both girls wearing sexy fishnet stockings.  Mariella finds out the hard way just how powerful Melody really is as she is controlled with scissors and facesits. Mariella fights back […]