ACTIVE: NO Height:  5’9 Weight: 145 lbs Wrestling skills: semi competitive, fem fem, mixed, prostyle, pincount, pin submission, mixed beatdowns Favorite moves:  schoolgirl pins, facesit, rear naked choke  

Kendall vs Mariella Jeans Match – Gallery

Kendall vs Mariella Jeans Match This photoset in from an unreleased match. Kendall stands 5’10 and weighs close to 140 lbs, Mariella is not far behind her and stands 5’9. This match was clearly a one sided domination match, Mariella finding herself trapped constantly beneath […]

Kendall vs Mia Neon Shorts – Gallery

Kendall vs Mia Neon Shorts It is now Mia’s turn to challenge Kendall. Both girls are dressed in colorful neon sport shorts, and this photoset is a keeper. Kendall is quite strong, Mia certainly finds this out. Kendall easily over powers Mia, both girls same […]

KOA-093 Kendall’s Super Hero Slam

Kendall is dressed up in her wonder woman outfit from head to toe. She is ready to fight the bad guy in this clip and to punish the evil doer himself. Her sexy sleek moves inflict lots of pain, as she makes him suffer beneath […]

KOA-71 Kendall’s Crazy K.O.’s

Kendall just literally fell into our lap here at the studio. We were certainly glad she did. Kendall is a tall, fit, tanned athletic girl who is somewhat shy and quiet. Until she got onto the mats. Kendall transformed into a whole other person. She […]

CMX-BD-32 Kendall’s Smother Terror

Kendall is a brown haired goddess standing at 5’10 weighing in at 140 solidly tanned pounds. Today was a day that she wanted to toy and humiliate her male victim chadam. Her height and weight play a big advantage over chadam, easily tossing him around, […]

KOA-075 Kendall’s Combat K.O.’s

Kendall stands tall and proud dressed in her military attire, cute tiny combat bootie shorts, military style ankle boots and shirt. she is ready to give chadam a serious lesson in KO training. Kendall goes at chadam but he does a good job of not […]