Chadam was peacefully resting and relaxing in his steam room, trying to unwind from the day. Little did he know, Arianne was waiting to pounce on him when he was most vulnerable. Arianne walks in and jumps on him, catching him by surprise. She climbs up on top and works her way into a comfortable facesit. Chadam found himself at the mercy of Arianne now. She trash talks him a bit as she smothers him. Clearly all she wanted to do was dominate and facesit him into submission. This was straight up no mercy facesitting, Arianne even bounces on his face in a side saddle style facesit. Moving into reverse she gives him a taste of her ass now as she buries his face deep within her cheeks. Arianne is soaking up every minute she can smothering this loser, making him gasp for much needed air. She also maneuvers herself on the narrow steep chadam is laying on, and does a forward full weight facesit, slamming all her weight down onto his face. Keep in mind the steep he is on, is concrete, and Arianne’s weight takes a real toll on him. Once she was done playing her little steam room smother game she locks on one last facesit. Chadam taps thinking she would get off, but she stays on as he panics kicking the wall, tapping her leg, but she stays put until he goes out. Arianne simply gets off his now beaten face, and walks away like nothing ever happened, not ever looking back. 


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