CPL-BMK-60 Bambi vs Bella: Final Showdown

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We now feature Bambi and Bella’s final match together being released. This one is a pin or submission style match. All submissions count, and pins counting to five with both shoulders pinned to the mats. These two have a bit of dislike for each other, and as the match progresses you can see them amp up their aggression. Bambi is great at countering moves and she works this strategy quite well in this clip. Bella is a tough competitor but Bambi is ready to take home this match. They stare contently at one another before the countdown. Bella then takes the lead by rushing Bambi, who defends herself before getting trapped in a head lock take down. As Bella does what she can to get on top of Bambi, defending herself, Bambi kicks Bella away and off of her. They get back up quickly, but Bella pulls Bambi into a body scissor that has her squeal out, then she taps. Not happy having to tap, Bambi retaliates against Bella getting her pinned, then using a pretty heavy weight facesit burying Bella’s face. Holding her breath and fighting it, Bambi is thrown off balance, sliding off Bella but catching her in a headlock keeping her pinned. They now struggle back and fourth seeing who can take full control. Bambi catches Bella in a guillotine, but Bella buries her arm in Bambi’s throat applying immense pressure. The pressure was too much and Bambi taps again. When they go at each other again, they are all over the mats tossing each other around doing what they can to secure a hold on. Bambi gets on top in a tight schoolgirl pin, then rolls to her back trapping Bella in a straight leg scissor cranking Bella’s neck literally backwards while squeezing. Bella’s stubbornness does not pay off and she taps from the pain.  Bambi gets her first submission. Now they really turn things up battling it out on the mats for submissions. Bella uses an array of facesits to gain submissions and one matchbook pin count out. While her counter part, Bambi scores an arm bar submission, and more grueling headscissors using her powerful muscular thighs to her advantage. They are both becoming exhausted, and Bambi even scores a terrific submission via side guillotine chokehold. Bella fights back with more facesits, but Bambi seems to be taking the lead. She gets her revenge on Bella with her own facesits, leaving Bella absolutely winded.  When the camera man calls last fall they fight with every last ounce of strength they had left. They are all over the mats, each defending themselves as Bambi finds an opening and jumps on top of Bella. This time she decides to keep her pinned tight to the mats and counts her out till 5. Exhausted, and winded Bela knew she most likely lost and as a good gesture gives Bambi a high five while she keeps her pinned for the win. This match was fast paced with both girls standing their grounds to prove who was the ultimate wrestler.  



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  1. Bambi has such an amazing body & she looks absolutely beautiful in that Blue Bikini & I absolutely love Bambi’s Facesit on Bella

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