SAV-040 Arianne’s Racial Revenge

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Published: 2016-12-10
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A-Low and Arianne prepare themselves for another confrontation this time Arianne has revenge on her mind. As Arianne was waiting patiently on the mats for A-Low to arrive. A-Low struts through the doors, and Arianne approaches her wanting to high five her, A-Low looking rather confused. She raises her hand up to high five Arianne, but out of no where Arianne grabs her and tosses A-Low to the mats. Before A-Low could even react Arianne pins her down and the racial slurs and banter begin. The trah talk flies but Arianne shut A-Low up quick by facesitting her. Arianne completely humiliates A-Low as she shakes her ass and pussy all over A-Low’s face rubbing it in, all the while trash talking her. A-Low could not escape and dreaded this day as she was the one last time who humiliated Arianne. Now it was total payback for Arianne and she dominated A-Low much worse. A-Low could not believe what was happening to her, and Arianne was getting great pleasure in belittling her black rival making her feel small and worthless. When Arianne spins around in reverse, she shoves A-Low’s face into her ass smothering her, and even making her kiss it. A-Low was refusing to do what Arianne told her, but Arianne was going to make her do what she says at any cost. Arianne sits full weight on her face, gyrating all over A-Low’s face, and even tells her to kiss her pussy a few times, really humiliating A-Low now. Finally Arianne makes A-Low her bitch black slave, makes her admit it, and Arianne wanted to have a bit more fun with A-Low still. She grabs A-Low and makes her get on her hands and knees, she sites on her back, and rides A-Low around on the mats like a little pony, slapping her ass. When Arianne finishes riding her black toy, she tosses her to the mats, kicks her steps on her throat, puts her foot over her mouth and nose, and makes A-Low kiss her feet. Looks like A-Low got bested by Arianne in a racially motivated showdown and got her payback, finally.

cplpicsets SAV-040 Arianne's Racial Revenge

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