SAV-033 Team Tall vs Team Small

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This clip is a tag team style match featuring team amazon with Cynara, and her partner, Chris. Both are 6’0 and the tallest here. Bella and Arianne are the 2 smallest both under 5’4. It’s big vs small. Chris and Bella start off the match and Bella wastes no time charging at Chris pummeling him to the mats. Cynara is off in the corner cheering him on, but that did not seem to work as Bella worked him over with loads of face sitting. The smaller team have a lot to prove, as the “amazon” team have their pride on the line.

Bella catches Chris in some pretty extreme head and body scissors, followed by more face sitting, until she tags Arianne in to have some fun. Arianne gets Chris in a head scissor, and Cynara seeing that they are already in trouble she had to step in and cheat. Since she could not reach Chris’s hand to be tagged in, she drags him closer to her. Finally they make the tag, and Cynara jumps in after Arianne. Using her super long and strong legs, Cynara gets Arianne into a rib crushing body scissor as she frantically tries to escape. After a few taps, Arianne wiggles herself free, and jumps on top of Cynara. Now ramming her crotch down into her throat, she gets the taps she was looking for as Cynara squints in dire pain from her throat being crushed.

Arianne simply lifts up quickly and face sits Cynara, tiring out her larger opponent. She then switches into some nasty head scissors that has Cynara really on edge, fighting to break free. A lot more taps come, and looks like the smaller team is edging out the amazons. Bella now gets tagged in, and the feisty little fighter tackles Cynara to the mats. Bella dishes out some constant face sits, until Cynara can reach Chris for a much needed tag in, and break. Chris literally gets his ass handed to him, with back to back scissors, and Arianne jumps in again. Grapevine breast smothers have Chris in panic mode, now looking for his partner.

A few good head scissors and more face sits Chris was red in the face, and exhausted. Arianne dishes out the same punishment to Cynara now as Arianne easily dominates her. Bella steps in and takes her place with face sits on Cynara. Team amazon is taking a bashing, then Chris goes in again, Bella right on top, dominating. As Chris lay on his back, being humiliated by Bella, Arianne runs into the other corner and drags Cynara out onto the mats.

Now both amazons are being dominated, and both Bella and Arianne are on top.  Cynara and Chris both knew they were finished, having been beaten by their smaller rivals.

For their final moments Cynara and Chris are smothered and face sat until they BOTH give up, leaving them embarrassed, humiliated, and destroyed on the mats. Arianne and Bella both soak up this great victory sitting on top, flexing and enjoying their win.


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