SAV-048 Stone Cold Smother K.O.

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Arianne challenges chadam to a match on the bed. she is dressed in skin tight white shorts and red bra. Looking sexy as always, she is physically ready to dish out some true domination and humiliation. When the match begins, Arianne wasted no time locking on a head lock and throwing chadam down on the bed. Without hesitation she grabs his arms slides right up securing him down and going right for the face sit. Arianne is no light sitter either, as she smashes her pussy down into his face, burying his nose deep, sealing off any chance for breath. Chadam struggles under her, but the more he struggles the more pressure she adds. Seeking air, he taps, but Arianne refuses to get off his face, making him work for that breath, near panic mode as he is almost going out he taps again in hopes she would get up.

Wrong, Arianne continues to facesit him, chadam now in a frantic mode to escape finally gets a tiny bit of air from the struggle, but Arianne made sure that tiny bit was all he got. With each passing tap she made him fight to breathe, wearing him out unconditionally quick. The smug evil look on her face spoke a thousands words of sheer enjoyment, as she rides his face smothering the life out of him, literally. Arianne even takes it up a notch and extends her legs outwards, putting 100% of her weight directly on his face, true full weight face sitting torture. Deciding to let chadam have a break Arianne rolls to her side and locks on her super grip head scissors. the punishment just does not let up, loads of forward smothering scissors, reverse neck crushing scissors, all with verbal taunts.

Chadam squealed like a pig in Arianne’s scissors, you can tell he just wants this to be over. Switching from ass shaking reverse face sits, to forward, to more various scissors, chadam was long beyond his own thresh hold of pain, unable to take Arianne’s punishment. Arianne even tosses in some sexy breast smothering. She mounts his face one last time, dishes out some breath play, then looks down and says it’s time for you to go night night. Lacking in any energy there was nothing chadam could do to fend off the inevitable. Arianne locks on her face sit, his arms locked high above his head, and waits for the futile struggle to stop. Seeing he’s out now, she gets off him saying “night night bitch, fuck you, peace out” and leaves him there out on the bed. 

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