CPL-EAA-001 Double Team KO Queens

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Eve and AJ have both suffered at the hands of Arianne, and vice versa. So Eve and AJ thought it would be a good idea to team up against her to see how she fairs out. Taking after the twisted sisters Eve and AJ wanted to give Arianne a dose of her own medicine. Arianne was not afraid as they all prepare to face off, AJ Eve on one side Arianne, alone on hers. As Arianne rushes towards them, they quickly subdue her, AJ using a schoolgirl pin facesit, Eve securing her legs. Aj begins to punish Arianne with face sitting while Eve bends her in half, then sits on her stomach. Switching positions AJ gets behind Arianne and locks on a straight leg scissor while Eve backs her ass up and plants it on Arianne’s face.

Now can Arianne not breathe, AJ is applying serious force in her scissor to wear out Arianne. Eve stands up, and AJ clamps down with a vicious knotted figure four, Arianne tapping almost instantly once she starts to apply pressure. You can see the look of sheer pain on Arianne’s face as the girls now switch positions. Eve slides up and sits on Arianne’s face while AJ folds her legs in a matchbook style pin and sits on them. Wearing down Arianne smother after smother, Eve mounts Arianne’s face in a full weight facesit. AJ decides to get into a reverse straight leg scissor and give a few good squeezes before Eve stands above her head then lowers down into a facesit. Now Arianne is really trapped yet again enduring scissors and facesitting, with little she can do to escape. Clearly Arianne is in a lot of pain, everytime AJ squeezes she nearly goes out. Now being dominated with scissor after scissor, facesit after facesit, Arianne is not looking good.

When AJ squeezes Eve even pushes up on the back of Arianne’s head causing immense pressure. Now AJ and Eve drag Arianne across the mat onto her stomach, Eve lays down on her stomach directly in front of her. Taking a page right out of the twisted sisters book, AJ sits on Arianne’s back and shoves her face deep into Eve’s ass. Eve also has Arianne’s arms pinned, so she is completely at the mercy of her opponents. Eve trash talks Arianne as her face is constantly being shoved into her ass. they now trade places as Eve sits on her back she grabs Arianne by the hair pulling her head back and says ” are you ready to eat some more booty now?”. Eve rams her face hard into AJ’s ass as Arianne is smothered into oblivion squealing and moaning now. Eve sits up even higher adding her body weight as she shoves Arianne’s face into AJ’s ass one last time, holding it there until Arianne sops moving. Once out, She grabs her by the hair and lifts her head up, seeing that she was completely done the girls high five each other, while Arianne’s head lay lifeless on AJ’s ass cheeks. AJ and Eve really punished Arianne, and once she comes to we are willing to bet that she will seek revenge on both girls.


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