CPL-TSS-007 Twisted sisters KO Challenge

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This twisted sisters version is a bit different than the others.  Arianne and Aubrey have a bet going as to who could KO chadam in a shorter amount of time. Aubrey steps up first and is aggressive right from the start. Getting chadam pinned she begins her grueling punishment of facesitting in both forward and reverse. Then she hammers on her straight leg scissors, and a few others, all the while trash talking him, ignoring his taps and really making him work to get air.  Aubrey sets herself up in a reverse facesit, locking his face tight in her ass. As he taps and panics under her, tapping rapidly on the mats, he goes limp. Sam announces her time, then Arianne was quick to get on the mats. Now chadam was pretty exhausted from all of that and Arianne sits on his neck and as he comes to, slightly confused Arianne looks down and says “my turn now”.

Arianne immediately gets him in a forward facesit and sits rather hard pressing down. After his first tap, he pleads to have a break, and of course Arianne refuses. She hops back on his face continuing her facesitting weakening an already near powerless chadam. Arianne decides to turn into reverse dropping her ass down onto his face smothering him. With his arms pinned tightly to his sides there was nothing he could do except tap when he needed air. Switching to a reverse straight leg scissor, Arianne wraps her strong thighs around his neck and begins squeezing. She then lays down and grinds her crotch deep into his throat in a north south pin. His face was cringing, filled with sheer pain, as he was clearly just about out at that point. Then Arianne turns back into forward and uses a full weight facesit pin.

She gave him a few quick breaths, but then stayed seated as he fights hard to get out. Unfortunately his fight was weak and pathetic and he went out from lack of air. Arianne asked what her time was, and the camera girl told her, and it was less time than Aubrey. As her time was announced, Arianne celebrated and said “I win, fuck you Aubrey”. Since Aubrey does not take well to losing, she walked around behind Arianne and said “oh yeah, fuck this, I win” and grabbed Arianne in a viciously tight reverse headlock. She dragged Arianne off chadam and instantly Arianne was tapping wanting to be released. It was not long before Arianne was literally out, Aubrey just drops her on the floor.

Aubrey then flexes saying” yep, I win, fuck them”. Now Arianne and chadam both lay completely out on the floor. You can see Aubrey’s chiseled muscles and perfect symmetry as she stands victorious over both victims now.

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  1. Good evening, I wanted to buy this video but before buying it I wanted to see the preview of the video. But unfortunately I see that the preview is not available in fact starting the preview video you see a black screen and you hear only the audio.

    1. I tested the preview and it works fine, it might be whatever device you are using that may not play it correctly.

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