BWW-024 Bella’s In A Bind

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Megan Jones who is an amazonian goddess is challenged by the petite yet tough Bella. Both step out onto the mats wearing their skin tight jeans, Megan with her pink sports bra, Bella in a black one. They face off on their knees as Megan is ready to take down Bella. Unfortunately for Megan, Bella got her in a tight headlock and brought the amazon crashing down to the mats. With her quick speed, Bella pounces, getting on top of Megan. Sliding up into a tight schoolgirl pin, Bella grabs Megan’s arms, and slides up more into a facesit, now smothering her bigger foe. Now having to endure facesit after facesit, Megan is gasping for air with each tap out, Bella not giving her much of a chance to catch her breath.

Switching to a side scissor now, Bella digs in deep wrapping her thighs around Megan’s head. She puts the squeeze on so hard multiple times, Megan actually drools on Bella’s jeans. Bella rolls Megan onto her back again, locking on a seated scissor, extracting a few more taps before placing Megan’s arms high above her head. Feeding Megan yet again her jeans covered pussy , Bella rams it back into Megan’s face smothering her more. Megan was trying to make sense of how this smaller girl was defeating her. All the while Megan was tapping out, needing some air to recover from Bella’s facesitting pounding. Out of no where, Bella spins into a reverse now, as Megan frantically tries to fight off Bella. Securing Megan’s arms, Bella moves back and sits on Megan’s face in reverse. After one tap, Bella positions herself into a reverse straight leg scissor clamping in on tight around Megan’s neck. She switches from straight leg to figure four, but as she did that, she shifted her weight to one side. Megan used that to her advantage to escape and now turns the tables on Bella.

Megan quickly slides back in reverse and buries Bella’s face in her ass. Megan then switches from scissors to smothers, breaking down the smaller girl now. Megan further punishes Bella with breast smothers, using those huge tits as smother weapons now. Bella is now the one on the receiving end, gasping for air, being smothered in all ways by Megan now, who clearly is taking control of the match.  Megan uses a full weight facesit a few times crushing Bella’s face now taking her breath away. With more reverse and forward facesitting, various scissors, and even a side saddle facesit smother, Bella was turning rather weak and air deprived. Showing signs of exhaustion, Megan uses a side scissor and a hand over mouth combo, watching Bella now struggle for air. A few more good forward facesits combined with full weight sitting, Megan then sits on Bella’s stomach and foot smothers her. After Bella taps from that, Megan continues the facesitting humiliation literally until Bella just could not take it anymore. Standing up now, Megan grabs Bella by her ankles, and drags her all over the mats in circles, making her dizzy and disoriented. There was nothing Bella could do now, she had no energy left to fight back or resist. Megan uses that opportunity to grab some rope now and be creative.

Bella is on her stomach and Megan lays on her back, putting on a headscissor, and she ties her feet and legs together. Once she was tied, Megan drags Bella to her knees and smashes her face into her tits smothering her. Not only is Bella partially tied, Megan is still humiliating and dominating her.  After giving her a dose of breast smothering, Megan just whips Bella to the mats face first. she grabs her arms now and ties them behind her back. Bella thought that the match was done as she was now bound arms and legs now, but Megan still was not finished yet. Megan wanted Bella to pay for what she did. Megan sat on her butt, and dragged Bella into her thighs facing her and wrapped her huge thighs around her head. Megan has one rope left and as she squeezes Bella’s head and she squeals in pain, Megan said ” now that your hands and feet are tied” she dangles the last rope in front of her face and said ” guess what I’m going to use this for”.

Megan releases Bella and completes the tie, hog tying Bella. Megan then sits full weight on Bella head, bouncing on it saying “oh how humiliating, it must suck to be you”. Megan then stands up puts her foot on Bella’s face and flexes, then kicks Bella away from her saying” that’s right your Megan’s bitch”. Bella was whimpering as she wes left there all tied up, beaten and humiliated by Megan. 



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