CMX-WM-74 – Mat Dominatrix

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Bella is notorious for being vicious and brutal and in this clip she holds nothing back. Her skill set is amazing, her wrestling is on point, her holds, well they can be just devastating. Chadam certainly tries to give Bella a run for her money, but he finds himself on the losing end quite a few times. the more he fights back, the more aggressive she becomes. she verbally taunts him, and dominates him in such a fashion that makes it look all too easy for her. she clamps on wickedly intense figure four smothering scissors, that have him gasping and struggling for air almost instantly. She uses forward and reverse face sits, smashing his face with her ass and crotch, also getting a lot of taps.

The other part about this video, Bella can either use any submission hold, or she can also count him out in any pin. At one point she traps him in a full weight reverse face sit pin, that practically shatters his nose with her weight that came bearing down on it. When she got off after he tapped, clearly you could see the pain he was in. Bella was creative in her holds, and also locks on a cross body pin, but locks his arm a certain way using her feet it almost snaps his wrist. She laughed at him. Bella is rather cruel, and feared dominatrix, chadam gets a first hand reality dose of this today.

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