CPL-WM-28 Humiliated By The Blond Domme

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This clip is a special feature match. Winter comes to us from fighting girls to challenge Rosalei in an all out competitive fight to the finish style match. Both girls are same height and weight, and size one another up before they start. Their take down was lightning fast, and both fight quickly for the upper hand. Winter traps Rosalei in a painful bodyscissor that catches her off guard, and makes her tap out a few times. Now struggling to break the hold, Rosalei endures a few more painful squeezes, until she is able to break free and mounts Winter now. Quickly getting on top and strategically placing Winter in a rolling forward scissor, Rosalei counters with bone crushing scissors. Winter now fights to get out, and just as she thought she was almost free, Rosalei catches her again in forward scissors, amping up the pressure around Winter’s neck, obtaining some pretty fast tap outs. Rosalei knows Winter has never been facesat before, and gives her a dose of air deprivation as she rolls up on top of Winter. She grabs a fistful of Winter’s hair and rams her face into her crotch, covering her mouth and nose. Winter taps out, and Rosalei quickly turns around, now giving Winter a taste of ass smothering, placing her ass square on Winter’s face. Winter continues to fight to break free, and break away from the much more agile and strong Rosalei. Throughout the match, Winter is so close to getting out of holds, only to find herself placed in new ones, over and over. No matter what she did, Rosalei was there to counter any escape Winter had, and was forced to endure more facesitting, and very intense headscissors, that had Winter writhing in serious pain. Winter fought strong throughout this clip, but Rosalei was just too strong to handle. Nearing the end Winter’s face was beat red, her energy was drained, and she was practically in tears from pain. When it came time to admit defeat, Winter had no hesitation at all, and admitted defeat right away, stuck in Rosalei’s python like grip, just so she would not have to endure nor be punished anymore. Rosalei turned Winter onto her back, with her head still trapped firmly in her thighs, she posed over Winter’s now beaten and almost lifeless body, earning her a victorious well fought win.

15 thoughts on “CPL-WM-28 Humiliated By The Blond Domme”

  1. Rosalei took this match by storm. In the beginning though Winter did manage to get Rosalei to tap from what looked to be some nasty body scissors. With barely being fazed by it, Rosalei pounced on top and from there it was all over for Winter. Rosalei was dominating the entire time. Winter put up and excellent fight, but Rosalei’s head scissors, body scissor rear naked choke combos and face sitting was just over bearing for Winter. That is what put Winter out of this for good in this match. Rosalei creamed Winter in extremely tight head scissors, and it showed on Winter’s face at the end, she was glad that it was over.

  2. Rosalei has such an amazing body & she looks absolutely beautiful in those sexy bra & panties & i absolutely love the Rosalei’s mount & front & reverse facesit on Winter & not to mention i absolutely love Rosalei’s scissors on Winter & last but certainly not least i love the way Rosalei grabbed a fistful of winter’s hair & rams her face into Rosalei’s crotch!

    1. I agree that would be EPIC. Love watching Rosalei and Winter since they are the exact same size so you would think it would be an even matchup but Rosalei owned her

      1. Yes both being near the exact same size and weight, I was thinking this was going to be a good back and fourth with a very close winner. BUT right from the start, Winter did manage to hurt/make Rosalei tap from those body scissors. I believe if Winter would have kept more control over rosalei, she would have been in trouble. Both are lightning fast, and I think Rosalei edged out Winter just from sheer experience. I think she also knew that if she made ANY sort of mistakes that Winter would catch, She knew Winter might just take her. Looks like Winter’s downfall is getting facesat, and Rosalei, the body scissors. Epic match either wayy, I watch this one over and over.

    2. Yep, that would be a terrific match up. They are also the same size and weight too. Zoe is pretty strong and can dish it out, and also take it. If you leave scissors out of their match it would definitely be interesting to see the outcome of that. Not sure who would win.

  3. I absolutely love the way Rosalie has Winter’s Head Trapped in her thighs as she smiles & flexes Valiantly from her Front & Reverse Facesit Victory Over Winter!

  4. Winter deserves to have that fistful of her hair grabbed & that pretty face of her rammed into Rosalei’s Crotch!

  5. I applaud Rosalei for Dominating & Humilating Winter by having her face sat on in a Front & Reverse Facesit & having her face rammed into her Crotch!

  6. Great Video & Winter looks so sexy by getting a dose of deprivation of air by getting that fistful of her hair grabbed & that pretty face of hers Rammed into Rosalei’s Crotch!

  7. Rosalei, way to stay Ontop of her & way to stay in control of her & way to Facesit her & way to give her a dose of air deprivation by grabbing a fistful of her hair & ramming her face into your crotch!

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