CPL-JJR-56 Spandex Jiu Jitsu

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CPL-JJR-56 Spandex Jiu Jitsu  Watch Rosalei and Arianne attempt to make one another tap out with some bone crushing submissions. Not only do they use jiu jitsu moves, they also get tap outs with traditional facesits as well. Rosalei is very well trained in martial arts, and Arianne will have some troubles fighting her.


4 thoughts on “CPL-JJR-56 Spandex Jiu Jitsu”

  1. Good video, but they should have had there sleeves down. And there should have been more breast to breast squeezing.

  2. This video really shows Rosalei’s potential as a grappler. Her moves were clean, and looked to be quite painful. Although Arianne did give her a good run, and used moves of her own, some which were rather unique, mostly speaking of that weird leg lock she does. I really like the shiny outfits. Rosalei in my opinion scored many more tap outs than Arianne. And her victory flex was nice. You can tell she enjoyed toying with Arianne on the mats. Even the foot on the throat at the end looked painful.

  3. I agree with Jenny’s comment above. Rosalei’s grappling skills were impressive and both girls were able to earn numerous taps. Arianne put up quite a bit of resistance especially towards the middle part of the match but it wasn’t enough to stop Rosalei from eventually forcing her to give. Always a great matchup between these two girls and it was great to see Rosalei really showcase her strength and dominance.

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