KOA-0139 Sexy Cowgirl K.O

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Rosalei stepped out onto the mats in her pig tails, tiny little denim cut off shorts, and cowboy boots on. She was looking for her new found victom that she could easily over power, destroy, humiliate and dominate. The unlucky one happened to be chadam. Rosalei has seriously powerful headscissors and can be vicious with her holds. Rosalei has a thirst for dishing out pain in this clip. Chadam will soon regret the choice of accepting this match. It wasn’t long before Rosalei grabs chadam off the start and pulls him down, trapping him in a bodyscissor. Already wincing in pain, he fights through the bodyscissor, as she asks him “your not tapping?”. He says nope, then Rosalei rolls him onto his back, jumping on top. Securing his arms high above his head she crosses them, tucks them under her shins and facesits him. With some up and down smother action, he slowly is losing power. Rosalei easily swaps out facesitting for headscissors now. As she tightens the squeeze, he actually begins to drool, his face turning deep shades of red. Practically seeing stars now and on the brink of going out, Rosalei loosens up, and latches on a painful armbar. Taking advantage of his weakness now, Rosalei fires right back to using her lethal headscissors. With straight leg, and knotted figure fours, Chadam was now on the verge of going out, yet Rosalei knew just when to loosen up to keep him awake, laying back waiting to inflict maximum pain. Before chadam even knew what wa going on, Rosalei was now sitting directly behind him, applying a rear naked choke. Rosalei’s face lights up the more chadam yelps out in pain. After the RNC, out comes a lotus lock, that had chadam yelling “ahhh FUUCK” in dire pain now. He could not budge nor move, and if he tried, Rosalei cranked on the hold, nearly snapping both his arms off. Releasing the hold, Rosalei easily maneuvers herself around, tossing chadam backwards to the mats, and ramming her tight denim covered ass into his face. She decides to punish him for a bit with reverse facesits, changing to reverse headscissors and rotating around in forward smashing his face with forward facesits. Rosalei sits back on his stomach, and drives her boots directly into his throat, all the while smiling. Rosalei wanted to start finishing him off, and trapped him again in a forward facesit, locking his arms tight beneath her shins, crossed, removing all his leverage to try and escape. Chadam was only able to tap with his feet, and Rosalei simply ignored them, waiting until he just stops moving beneath her. His air ran out, and he went out. Rosalei stood up and reached for ropes, saying “I will show you why you shouldnt mess with a country girl”. She rolls him onto his stomach and begins tying his arms. It took chadam longer than normal to come to, but when he did he was pretty confused as to what was going on.  Rosalei then says” good morning swetheart”, as she continues to tie him up, chadam now being apologetic saying he was sorry to her. That wasn’t enough to please this sexy country domme, and leans down to chadam’s face. She plugs his nose and covered his mouth and said” let’s just put you back to bed then”, and held this until he goes out yet again. Rosalei finishes hog tying him, grabs her hat, and says “this is why you don’t anger a country girl” and steps on the back of his flexing.

cplpicsets KOA-0139 Sexy Cowgirl K.O

One thought on “KOA-0139 Sexy Cowgirl K.O”

  1. This was my first time watching a match of rosalei taking on a guy. He doesn’t look overly tall (maybe I am wrong) and since she looks to be much better trained than him it was an easy win for her. Her outfit was sooo cute, I love the cowgirl look on her. Even with those high boots she still managed to get on lots of grappling moves, and arm bars. Now watching her with a guy, I can really see just how strong her legs really are. His face turned really red when she was squeezing him. Must have been pretty embarrassing for him to have her sit on his face front ways and backwards. Looks like she had fun hurting him, can’t blame her. Then when she tied him up and plugged his mouth and nose with her hands he passes out. hahaha. that part was epic. The pose at the end was great, stepping on his head and flexing. Rosalei certainly is strong, surprising for her size, but you can’t judge that way.

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