CMX-CA-75 Rocked By Rosalei

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Rosalei sets the tone for this match as she comes fully prepared to do damage. Dressed in all pink looking sexy as ever, chadam is in for a real lesson in mat wrestling. This gorgeous blonde immediately tears into him pulling him literally on top of her. As Rosalei falls to her back she catches chadam in a quick and obviously painful body scissor that has chadam tapping within mere seconds. Chadam was totally caught off guard, and Rosalei holds on to him, and rolls on top, getting him in a gruelling grapevine shoulder choke pin. Pain set in all over his face, as Rosalei easily transitions to her back, holding chadam in her grip, now locking on a sweet triangle chokehold. Chadam’s face went pretty red quick, almost on the verge of going out. She switches to a seated choke, then onto headscissors. Her transitions were smooth and easy, making kicking chadam’s ass that much easier. Rosalei is relentless with her moves, using loads of headscissors, with each one she locks on, her anaconda grip was truly strong. There is no escaping her headscissors. Chadam is baffled as to why he can’t even get out of a single move, Rosalei enjoying every minute of his panic and frustration. She crushes his face with long winded facesitting, making sure he runs out of every last ounce of breath. Squeezing his neck with fierce scissors, and burying his face on her ass for added humiliation and pleasure for her. Seeing that chadam just about had enough, she asks him if he gives up only to see his stubborness kick in. As she facesits him she prolongs his punishment, as he says he gives up completely winded barely able to even say it, that was not good enough for her. With his arms crossed above his head and tucked under her shins he had no where to go as she slams back down onto his face smothering him once again. She looked down and told him to say it loudly before she let him breathe. Gasping between breaths he finally admits defeat, and Rosalei smiles from ear to ear flexing sitting proudly on her male opponent.

cplpicsets CMX-CA-75 Rocked By Rosalei

One thought on “CMX-CA-75 Rocked By Rosalei”

  1. I think that Rosalei is one of the most versatile wrestlers there. The title of this video says it all. This poor guy did not stand a living chance on defeating Rosalei. She pulled out some of the most extreme holds with her legs I have seen. Her technique and power say it all. Legs of sheer steel. His face was red nearly the entire match everytime she wrapped her legs aruond his neck. She was smiling each time she gets him into holds. Like a lot of woman, being able to punish a guy with no remorse is satisfying and somewhat of a turn on. I think Rosalei found her mark here. I must say i really really liked this video.

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