CPL-VDT-8 Mariellas Reverse Humiliation

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CPL-VDT-8 Mariellas Reverse Humiliation In this clip, Mariella finds herself beneath the ass of Arianne. For the majority of this video Arianne spends putting her ass all up in Mariella’s face smothering and humiliating her. Not only did Arianne physically dominate Mariella she verbally bashes her as well. It was evident that Arianne was having way too much fun with this, telling Mariella to grab her ass, make it red by slapping it etc. Mariella was gasping furiously for air being constantly stuck in Arianne’s perfectly shaped ass.  There were a few times Mariella caused quite a bit of pain slapping Arianne’s ass, and it is quite clear in the video just how red she made it. Arianne also threw in breast smothering and some good forward facesits. By the end of the match Mariella was exhausted, as Arianne had put her out a few times in the match.  There was even a bit of biting going on back and fourth. Arianne really stepped up her performance shaking and smashing her ass all over Mariella’s poor face. she even gets in a good POV shot as well of a forward facesit, putting Mariella out. Stellar as usual, courtesy of Arianne.

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