KOA-055 Mariella Gets Mauled and K.O.’d

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Feebee and Mariella have a bit of a competitive rivalry going. Feebee was determined to flat out beat, destroy and put Mariella out. As they begin, Feebee pins Mariella down. From there within the first few minutes, Feebee trapped Mariella in an inescapable reverse facesit, and as Mariella taps Feebee shows her who’s in control of the match and makes her go out. Mariella was stunned and slightly dazed, and still had a lot more in store for her. Mariella tries her best to escape, but Feebee wasn’t having it. From smothering headscissors, to forward and reverse facesits, Mariella spent a lot of time with her face buried in Feebee ass or deep in her pussy. you can see Feebee’s pussy draped over Mariella’s mouth and nose. blocking her air, as Feebee loved every minute of dominating her larger rival. Feebee certainly enjoyed thoroughly defeating, humiliating and degrading Mariella.

cplpicsets KOA-055 Mariella Gets Mauled and K.O.'d

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  1. The 16 minute video above doesn’t match the photos? They are topless in video but not photos. Plus bottoms don’t match??

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