CPL-FK-5 Just Do As I Say And Quit

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CPL-FK-5 Just Do As I Say And Quit

6 thoughts on “CPL-FK-5 Just Do As I Say And Quit”

  1. Doesn’t get any better than this!!
    Cynara doesn’t even have to really try with Arianne. Cynara is stronger, heavier, and can withstand a higher pain level when Arianne wanted to try to dominate her. It was funny to see Arianne trying to do a grapevine on Cynara!! OH HELL NO her big ass and legs Arianne can’t grapevine those legs!!
    Cynara showed Arianne the proper way to do a grapevine but also should put her out with her breast smothering!

  2. Hope y’all put your stuff on loyalfans or another alt site someday. CCBill isn’t available to me, but if you guys ever branch out to another site I’ll be sure to whip out my card on the spot!

  3. Im lookingfor the Ragin real estate ladies catfight and cannot find it on CPl wrestling,>Does it still exist. Pleasee advise. Wher cnaI find this wrestlingmatch, good oen, sexy too,

  4. I dont know if Arianna can do it to Cynara but I would love to see a match where she piledives Arianna along with headscissors. They both have great headscissors.

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