CPL-VDC-07- 3 Tap Challenge

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CPL-VDC-07- 3 Tap Challenge  We have Mariella the long time mat veteran, taking on younger tough girl Arianne. This was a 3 tap submission bout, any move goes.  Once they score 3 taps they restart again, or can cheat and not wait for the other person to get up and attack them again. Arianne knows Mariella is experienced, but hope to out wrestle her with her own new  found wrestling skills and mat tactics.  the match starts off rather quickly and Mariella is the first to take Arianne down.

She was not going to let Arianne score the first point, and mounts her quickly, sliding up putting Arianne’s arms high above her head and secures a tight face sit.  Mariella enjoyed the feeling of Arianne’s face in her crotch as she squirms and wiggles for air, but instead is made to tap, then easily 2 more taps came from the face sit. Mariella was off to a good start with hopes of taking the victory. With lightning speed Arianne flips the exact maneuver right back on Mariella, getting her in a face sit now. one tap, two taps, three, it was over just like that for Mariella. Regaining her composure they restart again Mariella only to find herself in the same predicament yet again, forced to tap out from Arianne’s inescapable face sit. Now getting somewhat angered Mariella uses her long legs to secure a superbly tight head scissor on Arianne pouring on the pressure. Within mere seconds Arianne was tapping, followed by two more harsh head scissors. These two seemed to be playing a psychological mind game with one another, and whatever the opposing girl used to make one tap the other retaliated with the same hold. Arianne gained taps with breast smothers, and side control breast smothers.

Mariella again uses her legs to her advantage locking on a muscle clenching grapevine, spreading Arianne’s legs far apart, and thrusting upwards with her hips to apply even more pressure almost snapping Arianne in half. Arianne seemed to favor punishing Mariella with her sexy air depriving face sits, and even a scissor or two of her own. One girl now was climbing up the points ladder, while the other was lacking in energy and strength. Mariella makes a sweet comeback and traps Arianne in a brutal rear naked choke body scissor combo. With a few more face sits Arianne seemed to be on control. Mariella surprises her by trying yet another lethal grapevine, but Arianne held on and didn’t tap. Mariella quickly rolled to her side catching Arianne in a painful body scissor, getting her much deserved submissions that way.

This seemed to be quite a close match , until Mariella got on top in a reverse and tries for a reverse head scissor. Trying desperately to get her head in just the right spot, Arianne catches her off guard as both girls are now stuck in a dual head scissor. It all came down to pain tolerance and power now. Each girl squeezed with all their strength, and even though Arianne was on the bottom she out squeezed Mariella winning that round. That scissor left Mariella stunned, as Arianne pounces and jumps on top of her pinning her down. Now she makes Mariella suffer with one last brutal face sit, dragging it out a bit just to make her writhe in pain as she takes every last ounce of breath away from Mariella. This was a close match but one girl emerges completely victorious.



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