Name: Lana Luxor Active: YES (Guest Wrestler) Height: 5’7 Weight: 150 lbs Wrestling Skills: Competitive, f/f, Mixed, Erotic, Fantasy Boxing, Scissoring, Semi comp, grappling, BJJ, fantasy, submission wrestling, Jiu jitsu, pin domination Favorite Moves: Face sitting, Head scissors, smothering, humiliation

Lana Luxor

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PREVIEW DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO CPL-LVC-09 Interracial Ass Domination Lana Luxor has been rather attentive to what is going on in the wrestling world, including keeping up to date with happenings from CPL Wrestling. As we met up with her, Arianne was set to wrestle her, […]

CPL-LVC-09 Interracial Ass Domination

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