CPL-TLC-090 Tilly’s Topless Pincount

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CPL-TLC-090 Tilly’s Topless Pincount    Tilly takes on rough and tumble Paige in this topless pin count match. Dressed in thongs these girls are ready to dish it out and try to become the best on the mats giving themselves bragging rights for being the top pinner.  When the count hit 3, they lunge at each other now fighting for position. Tilly manages to get the upper hand, and starts to count, but Paige musters up the strength and easily topples Tilly off of her. Paige jumps on top, pinning Tilly’s arms high above her head scoring the first count. Tilly counters throwing Paige to the mats, getting on top, but loses the pin and is shoved off again. Quickly regaining her composure, Tilly slams Paige back down, locking her arms under her ankles, sitting in a tight pin on her throat. Paige struggles but this time, was counted out Tilly scoring her first point. With the match progressing, Paige and Tilly pin each other down, with the tightest of pins, counting each other out. It seems as though this is coming down now to straight endurance as exhaustion is setting in on both girls. Counts are scored on each side, as the battle intensifies. With back and fourth action, and pins, you have to keep track as this is a very close match.




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