KOA-0131 Smother Bullies K.O.

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Tilly and Paige are set to square off yet again. This time both girls use facesitting and a few scissors only to subdue, destroy and conquer one another. Tilly and Paige fought hard in their last match, and there still seems to be a bit of animosity between them. The take down was slow and calculated, and Tilly scores the victory and gets on top of Paige. Without any hesitation, Tilly secures her spot on top, sliding herself right up onto Paige’s face. Paige already quick to be caught in a facesit tries to escape, she manages to get a few breaths pulling her head out from under Tilly’s crotch. Tilly was quick to sit right back down, trying hard to get Paige to tap. As Tilly gets Paige fully secured to the mats, she is able to draw tap outs from Paige, as she pummels her with facesitting. Tilly cranks to her side trapping Paige in a headscissor punishing her even further. Sitting back on top again, Tilly is now enjoying her new found seat, Paige’s face. Paige struggles beneath Tilly, but can’t seem to escape. As Tilly became more comfortable she let down her guard, then Paige takes her shot. Paige escapes and turns the tables. She quickly mounts Tilly’s face, dishing out facesitting of her own now. The facesitting in this was super sexy, as both girls ram their pussies into on anothers face, the only thing holding them from being completely nude is their fishnets. Paige gets control of the situation, smothering the life out of Tilly, and even verbally trashing her. Paige was so into her verbal bashing she was not focused on Tilly escaping. Once again the tables shuffle in Tilly’s favor, and Paige gets brutally facesat now. Tilly shows no mercy as she sits squarely on the face of her nemesis, and really dominates Paige now. Paige is in trouble as Tilly uses full weight facesits, and reverse facesitting, wearing out Paige quickly. Tilly even says while she is sitting in reverse to Paige that she has an air tight bootie cushion on her face now.  Paige moans and grunts in pain, but it is all muffled into Tilly’s ass now. Tilly make a critical error thinking that Paige was completely wore out and had no energy left. She got off Paige, goes to turn back into forward adjusting her bikini, and Paige reaches up quickly and shoves Tilly down. Paige says “i was just taking it easy on you” as she pounces on top of Tilly pinning her. She sits high on her throat and chokes her. Then Paige wanted her revenge and to put Tilly in her place once and for all. Paige rolls to her side and puts her vice like grip around Tilly neck. Tilly is left wincing in pain as Paige puts the squeeze on as she watches her face turn red with no chance of escape. Paige was finished being bullied by Tilly and kept squeezing until Tilly finally goes out.

cplpicsets KOA-0131 Smother Bullies K.O.

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