CPL-TS-685 Tilly’s Smother Tease

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CPL-TS-685 Tilly’s Smother Tease Sam was all geared up and ready to take on Tilly. As they begin Tilly struggles to take Sam down, and when they both go crashing down, Tilly lands on top of Sam. Tilly sits up and grabs Sam’s tits, and Sam retorts back doing the same thing. Tilly now uses her perfectly round breasts and slams them down into Sam’s face smothering her. Tilly has a lot of fun taunting Sam humiliating her slapping her tits in her face, all the while laughing and enjoying it. Sam barely struggles to break free, thinking now, she may actually be enjoying it. Tilly then sits up and mounts Sam in a super tight schoolgirl pin, then moves up onto her face, now burying Sam’s face in her bare pussy. Administering some now effective smothering, Tilly rides Sam’s face, knowing she is enjoying it all too much.
Tilly switches back and fourth from nude face sitting to breast smothering, then turns in reverse. Planting her shapely tight ass right over Sam’s mouth and nose creating an airtight seal, all she could feel was Sam’s weak and vile struggles. Tilly then twerks on Sam’s face, literally teasing and taunting her. Sam begins to squeeze and grab Tilly’s ass, becoming even more aroused than ever now. Tilly verbally and physically dominates her BBW opponent now. Sam’s estrogen levels are through the roof, as Tilly even grabs Sam’s boobs while face sitting her, wedgies Sam and verbally humiliates her. Tilly uses one breast at a time to smother Sam, as Sam gets pleasure form it, and Tilly starts to become aroused from it. With more breast smothering and face sitting, Tilly decided she had enough of teasing Sam, gets up, gives her a kiss then walks away leaving Sam all hot and bothered now as Sam watches Tilly walk away all horny and left to fix her problem now.

cplpicsets CPL-TS-685 Tilly's Smother Tease

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