CPL-BRB-30 The Bookworm Bully

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CPL-BRB-30 The Bookworm Bully  Raven loves a good book to read, she has found the perfect one. Only one problem lies in her way, a good place to sit. Bella was in her spot on the couch so she just decided to sit on Bella. Trying to read her book, Bella was being disruptive, and Raven kept losing her place getting upset now. Raven decides to shut Bella up while she was reading and sit on her face to keep her quiet. Now Bella was struggling beneath Raven to get air, all the while Raven focused on her book in silence now. Of course Bella was tapping out trying to catch her breath, always interrupting Raven. There were quite a few times throughout the clip that Bella was tapping and Raven was so involved in her book she actually forgot Bella could not breathe. As the clip goes on, Raven continues to read her book, making Bella suffer under her. Everytime Bella taps though Raven would belittle her and make fun of her calling her a pussy and so on. There was banter between the two throughout the clip, with Raven getting more and more upset that she could not fully get into her book. By the end, Raven was so frustrated with Bella she stayed on Bella’s face smothering her until she finally goes out and stopped moving. You can see her arm fall to the side of the couch, as Raven stands up and walks away leaving Bella out on the couch.

cplpicsets CPL-BRB-30 The Bookworm Bully


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  1. Raven Wild has such an amazing body & i totally love her sexy bra & panties & i absolutely love her facesit on Bella while she’s reading a book on the couch!

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