CPL-BPV-35 Punched, Smothered and Scissored

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Smothered and Scissored Bella thought she was tough enough to handle Raven Wild’s punishment. Well little did Bella know, but Raven can smother, and scissor very effectively. Raven also threw in some serious belly punching that left Bella moaning and grunting out in pain. You can hear the impact of the punches echo through the room as they land perfectly upon Bella’s exposed stomach. To make matters even worse for Bella, Raven sat in forward and reverse seated scissors, and intensified that by smothering and facesitting. Now Bella could not breathe, and she was getting slammed in the gut, her cried muffled in Raven’s pussy now. In reverse Raven had perfect opportunity to lock on a seated smothering figure four, and strike Bella multiple times. By the end of the clip, Bella’s stomach was beat red, and wore out. All the punches, and facesits got to Bella, and it broke her down into nothing. Next time she may think twice about going against Raven who is much tougher than she looks.

cplpicsets CPL-BPV-35 Punched, Smothered and Scissored

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