BWW-003 Ariannes Jiu Jitsu School

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Arianne and Bella are doing a jiu jitsu style match and little does Bella know, Arianne has been practicing. Dressed in her Gi, Arianne steps onto the mats to confront Bella who is dressed in her sports gear ready for anything Arianne can dish out. Standing face to face they lock up and have a shoving contest. Arianne grabs Bella by the arm, steps inside and hip tosses her to the mats. Hitting the mats with a shocking thud Bella lets out a huge groan. Before she could even see it coming, Arianne still had Bella’s arm, and gets into an armbar. Arianne pulls on Bella’s arm stretching it to it’s capacity before breaking as Bella taps in pain, wiggling to try and free it. Arianne gets quite a few arm bar taps, before getting on top of Bella pulling her head up and rolling into a side scissor. Arianne amps up the humiliation and pulls Bella’s face into her crotch now scissoring and smothering her. Each time Bella taps, she tries to pull her head back to prevent the smother, but Arianne grabs her by the hair and pulls her right back into her crotch. Arianne releases a gasping Bella, and taunts her telling her to get up. Bella slowly rises to her feet, and they have another shoving fight vying for position. Arianne pushes Bella way from her a bit, steps inside and sweeps both of Bella’s legs out from underneath her. Bella falls directly backwards crashing to the mats nearly knocking the wind from her. Arianne with lightning quick reflexes jumps on Bella pinning her, she rips off her Gi jacket and sits on Bella’s throat. She moves up into some facesitting fun, smothering Bella. After many taps, Arianne jumps off and rolls Bella onto her stomach. Grabbing both Bella’s arms, she uses a japanese hold. Pulling up on Bella’s arms she asks “do you like the pain” as Bella manages to only tap now with her feet. Arianne releases her arms and sits in a seated scissor on Bella’s back, snaking her legs around her neck and pulling her arms directly behind her. Uncrossing her legs now, Arianne uses her feet and puts them under Bella’s chin lifting her face up, humiliating her. Arianne releases Bella and tries to drag her to her feet yet again. Another standing struggle ensues, and Bella is sent smashing to the mats yet again by another hip toss delivered by Arianne. Bella is turned face down into the mats, while Arianne grabs her arm, puts her knee on the back of Bella’s neck and uses an arm lock, pulling up hard on Bella’s arm. Arianne keeps the pressure on pulling back Bella’s arm stretching and almost pulling it out of at the shoulder. Bella pleads for Arianne to stop, and finally she did, only she rolled Bella onto her back, and positioned herself into a reverse straight leg head scissor. Making sure Bella’s head was secured tight she began to squeeze. Bella could be heard moaning in pain, her cries go muffled as her face is forced into Arianne’s ass in a grueling tight figure four. With more head scissor, and forward facesit punishment they return to their feet. This time Bella tries to copy Arianne and tries to use a hop toss, which was not as effective as Arianne’s but still manages to get her down. Bella goes straight for the facesit breakdown as she climbs onto Arianne’s face. Arianne quickly escapes getting back to their feet again. This time Arianne uses a monkey flip throwing Bella across the mats as Arianne still hung on to her wrists. Arianne then somersaults backwards landing directly on top of bella in a schoolgirl pin. A few more facesits, scissors and another japanese armbar , Bella was just about finished. Arianne now gets Bella in a seated lotus lock hooking her feet under her chin. Bella was completely helpless as her arms were locked and Arianne kept grabbing Bella by the hair pulling up on her head. Seeing Bella was almost ready to give up they get to their feet one last time. Arianne uses one last hip toss and jumps on Bella again in a schoolgirl pin. Using facesitting she smothers Bella until she finally utters her submission to Arianne.

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