CPL-FM-009 Paige´s Embarrassing Loss

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CPL-FM-009 Paige´s Embarrassing Loss  Paige gets the opportunity to go against Rosalei once again. This time Paige is hoping to beat her smaller lighter blonde bombshell opponent. Rosalei beat Paige their last encounter and she is hoping to destroy Paige once again. Paige has the muscular build, and weight behind her, out weighing Rosalei by a good 25 lbs. Rosalei is always up for a good challenge, and she has demolished many good opponents in her path, Arianne, Bella, Winter, just to name a few, now she was looking to add Paige to that list. Rosalei readies herself, dressed in her 2 piece bikini, while Paige looks as though she is slightly nervous thinking of a strategy. As they begin, Paige charges at Rosalei, but she uses Paige’s momentum against her and throws her to the mats.

Quickly acting upon instincts, Rosalei jumps on top of Paige grabbing her arms and securing a tight schoolgirl pin. Using her balance and arm strength, Rosalei fights to keep Paige pinned down. Paige being more muscular uses all her force to try and throw Rosalei off. Keeping her balance, and her knees spread wide Rosalei moves up and digs into Paige’s throat. Paige can’t believe that she is pinned down already by her lighter opponent, and to make matters worse, she can’t toss her off. Rosalei quickly changes positions and locks on a crossbody pin, digging her sides into Paige’s throat getting her first tap out.

Paige is now bent like a pretzel, Rosalei holding her legs taking away her lower mobility, and getting another tap. Now anger is written across Paige’s face, as she struggles to break free. Rosalei scores many submissions from Paige with the crossbody pin, as Paige’s anger grows stronger because she is unable to escape, and she is using up a lot of her energy to do so. Rosalei swiftly moves back into a schoolgirl pin, holds Paige down for a bit but Paige manages to bridge and toss Paige off. Before Paige could even get back up, Rosalei jumps on her again, re-securing a crossbody pin.  Paige was desperate now to escape, and uses all her power to try and roll. As she does this, Rosalei catches her with a reverse headlock, cranking Paige’s neck backwards, putting her back down on the mats.

This time Rosalei slams herself back down on top of Paige again, pressing her crotch into Paige’s throat, pinning her arms. Paige fights hard, and manages to get Rosalei off balance leaving her an opening to escape. both get back to their knees, Paige’s face flush red, both go down. Rosalei clings onto Paige with a headlock, but doesn’t have the strength to keep it on as Paige finally gets her moment. Paige climbs on top of Rosalei and slides up into a tight pin. Rosalei lets out a sigh as she feels Paige’s weight now bearing down on her. Paige makes a huge mistake and goes to transition into a headscissor, but still feeling the effects of Rosalei dominating her, Rosalei pushes her off easily. Trying again for a crossbody, Rosalei was not quite able to secure it, so she relies on her schoolgirl pin to control Paige yet again. Paige tries to roll from side to side but Rosalei slams down onto Paige.

Rosalei wears Paige down more keeping her pinned flat to the mats. Out of no where Rosalei switches to a headscissor, making sure Paige’s head was nice and tight between her thighs as she squeezes. From straight leg, to knotted figure four scissors, Paige was in trouble. Rosalei then rolls Paige onto her back and traps her a reverse schoolgirl pin, ramming her tight ass onto her neck. Paige pushes upwards with her arms, lifting Rosalei off just enough to get out. As she tries to escape, Rosalei retaliates with a rear naked choke. Holding Paige in this she manages to get her legs around Paige’s waist. It was all over for Paige as Rosalei continually cranked on the hold, making Piage tap over and over, no way out, Paige once again giving up to Rosalei. Losing two matches in a row to her smaller opponent sure does psychological damage to ones’ ego. Poor Paige, bested yet again by a smaller girl.


4 thoughts on “CPL-FM-009 Paige´s Embarrassing Loss”

  1. 110 lbs Rosalei totally destroying 140 lbs Paige never would have guessed!!
    Rosalei must be way stronger than she looks. I still can’t believe Rosalei easily dominated Paige with mostly Pubis chokes and side of her body chokes.
    Extremely embarrassing loss for Paige!!

    1. Rosalei is insanely strong, mostly her legs and her technical skills. I was rather shocked filming this to see Paige legit lose. Rosalei has plowed through quite a few people on the mats though.

    2. I recently became a big fan of Rosalei. After seeing this video she literally blew my mind. You can see that Rosalei has a smaller body size, but her arms and legs are toned. This clip was a classical small girl beating a bigger girl. Paige is thick and looks strong, but Rosalei beat her, badly. When she sits on her opponents, she has amazing balance and by the looks of it they can barely escape. She flows from one move to another gracefully. I notice she did the entire match, BEATING Paige without having to sit on her face once. She used her neck pin instead. Would have liked to have seen her sit on her face, but this video is a 10/10. Rosalei can certainly dish it out. Spectacular performance.

  2. Rosalei has such an amazing body & she looks absolutely beautiful in that sexy bikini & i absolutely love her Schoolgirl Pin & Rear Naked Choke On Paige!

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