CPL-VF-66 Maxxi’s First Fem Fem Facesitting

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Maxxi is an absolutely gorgeous girl with her tanned body, long blonde hair and her feisty attitude. She is challenged by Bella in a facesitting match, that she happily accepts. Even as they face off, Maxxi’s face is filled with sheer confidence, with Bella figuring she should take it easy on her. Unfortunately for Bella her over cockiness got the best of her as she quickly found herself on her back, Maxxi right on top. With no hesitation at all, Maxxi drives Bella’s arms to the mats under her shins, and slides right up putting her crotch just below her mouth. Bella struggles become a little more intense now, seeing that it was all too easy for Maxxi to pin her. Before she had a chance to escape, Maxxi had engulfed Bella’s face with her pussy now smothering her. MAxxi sits astride Bella’s face, talking smack to her and it all came so naturally to her. This being Maxxi’s first time ever wrestling a female, let alone facesitting her, she actually enjoyed it, and made Bella her little facesitting bitch. Maxxi’s sadistic dark side started to shine through, she spins now quickly into reverse, slamming her ass onto Bella’s face. Re-positioning her arms to her sides, Bella was trapped and now at the mercy of this hot goddess’s ass now. Maxxi was able to get Bella to tap multiple times in her reverse facesit, that was quite dreamy, as she teased and taunted Bella. Maxxi tosses in a python like reverse headscissor that had Bella writhing in pain, Maxxi looking back at her prey suffering. With constant reverse facesits Bella was weakening quickly. Maxxi whips around into forward, securing Bella’s arms now high above her head, Bella now seeing just how strong Maxxi’s legs really were as she could not budge them. There even came a time when Bella was tapping and you could hear her muffle cries as Maxxi didn’t get off her face to give her air. Maxxi was having all too much fun smothering and facesitting Bella, with her continually to tease, mock and taunt Bella, and sometimes ignore her taps. Maxxi’s facesitting was superb. Maxxi became so ruthless with facesitting, she never even asked Bella if she quit. Maxxi planted her crotch firmly down onto Bella’s face, sealing her fate, as she struggled beneath Maxxi, tapping for air. Maxxi ignored her taps, enjoying the feeling of Bella trapped in her crotch struggling for air, then Bella actually goes out from lack of air. Maxxi had no remorse what so ever for putting her out, and smiled from ear to ear flexing her biceps posing and showing off for the camera. WOW. For a first timer, this girl rocked the mats in facesitting.


2 thoughts on “CPL-VF-66 Maxxi’s First Fem Fem Facesitting”

  1. Maxxi undoubtedly shows how much stronger than his adversary. I hope to see more fights between these two cats, and maaxi each time victorious and sadistic and beautiful more submissive.

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