CPL-JP-74 Bella Takes A Beating

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CPL-JP-74 Bella Takes A Beating

7 thoughts on “CPL-JP-74 Bella Takes A Beating”

    1. if that is linda`s first match, i can`t wait to see how she developes over time, i would volunteer to be her victim in the next match, bella didn`t seem to enjoy that match as much as she should.

  1. Linda has Bella in a scissor and says “Cmon…give me a tap”. When she gets it she lets out a satisfactory little moan and licks her lips. So damn hot. You will want to see it.

  2. I wouldn’t say Bella took a beating she definitely tried to squirm her way out and on top the entire match. Bella was successful a couple times.
    Nice controlled face sitting domination by Linda.
    Linda had her weight to her advantage able to control Bellas squirms and stay on top.
    I would have liked to see Bella’s face all up in Linda’s Breast Smothers.

    1. That’s True & i absolutely loved the way Linda sat on Bella’s Face while holding her wrist & rubbing her Blue Shorts in Bella’s Face “Saying Come on Tap for me Bitch!

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