BWW-027 Shattered Ego

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This was a match of epic proportions. Bella wanted to go all out full competitive with mat wrestling queen Jolene. The one with the most submissions, well, wins. Bella and Jolene line up on the mats, Jolene has the most solid poker face on, while Bella was trying to size her up. As they begin, the struggle was short lived, as Jolene whips Bella down quickly and uses a full body press attempted grapevine to secure Bella. Jolene swiftly moves up and pins Bella in a facesit. Bella seemed to be a bit in shock, most likely from Jolene’s strength and power. Getting the first 3 submissions from a facesit, they square off again. This time Jolene wasted no time attacking Bella, getting behind her even before Bella could get all the way back up to her knees. Bella struggles desperately to keep Jolene from putting on any moves, but Jolene was able to fully secure a headlock and pulled Bella backwards ontop of her. Now locked between Jolene’s extremely powerful thighs, and a head lock on, Bella fights for her life as Jolene cranks on the pressure. Unable to handle it, Bella taps out 3 times, very very fast. Her face showed sheer signs of complete agony, as they get to their knees to square off again. This time Bella tries to go low, but Jolene manages to get a reverse headlock on, and flipped Bella over, straight onto her back. Bella hits the mats hard, with Jolene on top. Before Bella even knew how to defend herself, Jolene already had her tapping out with a headlock ch0ke. Two more taps follow quickly after. Jolene is in a huge lead as Bella tries to compose herself, needing a better strategy against her much taller and stronger opponent. This time when they lock up, the fight becomes much more intense, Bella’s defense strategy seems to be paying off, somewhat. they both roll around vying for that top spot, looking to get some sort of hold on. Jolene takes control now as she gets Bella pinned. Moving up high in a tight schoolgirl pin, she clamps her legs around Bella’s head and rolls to the side getting Bella in a very tight headscissor now. Bella knew there was no escape as Jolene poured on the pressure, Bella, tapping, once, twice, and 3 times. This time when they square off, Bella was a bit more hesitant on her approach to Jolene. Jolene quickly gets her into a reverse headlock and cranks it on so hard, Bella was bent in  quite an awkward position tapping. She tries to stay on her feet, but Jolene whips her right back down onto her knees, making her tap again. One more tight squeeze, and one more tap out for Bella. they play cat and mouse on the next take down, toying with one another, but Jolene strikes hard yet again. Bringing them both to the mats, Jolene drives her shoulder into Bella’s throat, causing her to tap out. Bella could not move, nor escape and she had to tap out again, 2 more times. This match was taking a serious toll on Bella, mostly her ego, as Jolene dominated the entire time. Bella also got snagged in Jolene’s rear naked choke / bodyscissor and she tapped 3 times fairly quickly for fear of her ribs becoming shattered. After that you can see the tears almost forming in her eyes from enduring such a brutal beating from Jolene who continued her rampage on Bella. With a few more headscissors and facesits, there was no chance that Bella was ever going to catch up on points. Bella still continued to fight through the pain and humiliation she endured for this entire match. Jolene then ended this match with a rib crushing air suppressing bodyscissor that had Bella in dire pain. Jolene looked at Bella and said “sorry dude”, ending this ultimate female domination clip, leaving Bella to weep and recover from her unfathomable loss.   


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