CPL-JN-093 Janira’s First Femme Fatale Match

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Everyone knows Janira Wolfe across the board as a ruthless dominatrix, leaving a path of beaten and battered men behind her. But what happens when there is a girl involved? Welcome to Janira’s first ever fem fem wrestling experience. We put her against Bella to see what she can do. Well it was no surprise that Janira is unbelievably strong, has legs of steel, and quads meant for crushing. When they start Janira easily puts Bella down, and climbs on top and slides right into a forward facesit. Bella struggles under her, fighting for air, and has to tap, Janira lifts up and goes right back down. Her legs are so powerful they keep Bella’s arms pinned with ease. She grabs her wrists as she continues to facesit Bella, over and over. Bella’s legs and hips were rotating trying to unbalance Janira and hopefully toss her off, but that didn’t work. Janira keeps her place on top, right on Bella’s face, with great close up’s of the facesit.

Seeing Bella’s face buried in Janira’s crotch was stunning. Janira then grabs Bella’s head and falls to the side, locking her muscular thighs around Bella’s head. Within mere seconds, Bella was tapping out, her veins were popping out all over her forehead, and her face was going from red to purple. Janira made it look all too easy as she laces out an evil smirk at the camera keeping her female victim trapped between her thighs. Bella almost went out a few times from the intense pressure Janira applied. Janira makes scissoring look all too sexy, while Bella was suffering. Janira was having all but too much fun, using Bella as her new scissor/smother victim. While she switches back and fourth from headscissors to forward facesits, Janira steps it up and goes into a reverse facesit now. With Bella’s nose buried deep in her ass, she shakes it all over Bella’s face, humiliating her more, while still taking her breath away. Bella was now in serious trouble as Janira lays back extended her legs out, and putting Bella’s head high up into her thighs. With Bella’s face practically in Janira’s ass, she locks on a straight leg reverse scissor almost sending Bella out with her first squeeze. Bella’s cries of pain go muffled into Janira’s ass, as she looks back not even caring about how bad she is hurting Bella.

The more Bella screamed in pain, the more Janira laughs at her, making this moment quite an embarrassing one for Bella. She releases the scissor and goes back to further humiliate Bella with a reverse facesit, shaking and gyrating her ass all over her face, enjoying every second of it. Janira continues to punish, degrade, and dominate Bella with headscissors, forward and reverse facesits, and verbally taunts her. Seeing that Bella had received quite the punishment, Janira pins Bella in a forward schoolgirl pin/facesit and decides to finish Bella off Janira style. Janira spreads her legs far apart and does the splits, slowly lifts up and sits full weight on Bella’s face. Now doing full blown splits, she hammers the pressure down onto Bella’s face watching her struggle as her nose and face gets crushed beneath her. Bella taps, but Janira completely ignores them, wiggles around on her face a bit, and then Bella goes out. Janira putting out her first ever female victim. Staying in the splits, Janira sits on Bella throat and does one hell of a muscle pose, showing off her chiseled physique to the camera. This is quite the performance from someone who does not wrestle other females at all, so grab this video and be the first ever to see it here at CPL

cplpicsets CPL-JN-093 Janira's First Femme Fatale Match


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